Renault Zoe Comes To Europe’s Hottest Market – Norway. Pricing Now Includes Battery

MAR 27 2014 BY JAY COLE 9

Renault Zoe Arrives In Norway - Batteries Included!

Renault Zoe Arrives In Norway – Batteries Included!

Thanks to heavy incentives on the first 50,000 EVs purchased, Norway is the hottest market in the world for fully electric vehicles – and Renault has decided that the Zoe needs to take a piece of that pie as well before it’s gone.  (Probably a good move consider the brand’s lackluster results recently in Europe)

Renault Zoe Gets Ready For Test-Drive Duties Last Month At The 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Renault Zoe Gets Ready For Test-Drive Duties Last Month At The 2014 Geneva Motor Show

And as a quirk of that system, the Zoe has been priced inclusive of the battery (a purchasing option that many customers in other European countries would love to have), from 191,980 kr on the “Life Easy” charge package (€21,500 Euros or $29,800 USD).  This price also includes a wallbox EVSE and charging up to 3.6 kW

The Renault Zoe also comes in two other trim packages:

  • Intense Easy Charge – 211,980kr (€23,800 Euros, $32,800 USD) – 16″ wheels, leather, rear view camera
  • Intense “Supercharge” – 221,980kr (€24,900 Euros, $34,300 USD)

Renault says the “Supercharge” trim level comes with a wallbox and the ability to charge your Zoe at 11kW – or 80% in about 2 hours.

Despite a 210 km (130 mile) rating by the NEDC, Renault does prominently note that the Zoe has an “actual range of 100 to 150 km” (62 to 93 miles) depending on usage and weather conditions.


Renault Zoe Interior

Renault Zoe Interior

Of interest: Top selling vehicles in Norway for February

  1. Nissan LEAF – 484
  2. Tesla Model S – 431
  3. BMW i3 – 228
  4. VW e-Up! – 166
  5. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 136
  6. Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 37
  7. Citroen C-Zero – 21 (re-skinned i-MiEV)
  8. Peugeot Partner – 20
  9. Peugeot iOn – 11 (re-skinned i-MiEV)
  10. Renault Kangoo ZE – 10

(Note:  The Opel Ampera sold 2 units in February)

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I wish the whole world does like Norway as soon as possible!

Yep, Norway has invested huge amounts of capital to the domestic production and productive jobs. This has created enormous wealth and middle class living standard to the country and chronic shortage of workforce.

As other countries do not have oil wealth, they can simulate oil wealth by investing e.g. pension funds solely on domestic productivity and also tax money can be used to support domestic production.

Only thing that really matters that foreing trade must be get significantly into surplus side. Supporting electric vehicles usually helps, because oil is often very important import commodity.

Norwegians have sense enough that it is by far more productive to the domestic economy to export oil rather than to burn oil on trafficlights.

You cannot simulate oil wealth without money, and money comes from oil.

Norway is going to flunk as their oil repository gets dry.

EVs are the smartest solution to prepare for this future.

I think this could be a good move from Renault. They should open up the ability to buy the battery in all markets. Customers want choice, customers want control.
I’m rooting for them, I think the Zoe is a very good car (so good I bought one)

Too bad Renault waited so long to include the battery in sales. Hopefully they do this for everyone else in the EU, and they sell more units…

They should move fast with this move in the rest of Europe…

battery included ZOE – a match of words made in heaven!

191980 NOK are 23200 €.