Compact Renault ZOE Is Immediately A Big Hit In Brazil

NOV 21 2018 BY MOTOR1 15

Released at the recent auto show in Brazil, the electric hatch undercuts other possible electric competitors.

The 2018 Brazil Motor Show was marked by the launch of three 100% electric cars for the Brazilian market: Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe. Of these, however, only Zoe is on sale right now. The French brand announced that the electric hatch would begin to be sold from November 7 on and, in fact, the model is in the store promised by the brand, as verified by

Priced at R $ 149,990, the Renault Zoe is the cheapest electric for sale in the country – the Bolt will go for R $ 175,000 and the Leaf for R $ 178,400, while the BMW i3 costs R $ 199,990.

Equipped with a 90 hp motor the Zoe has a range of 300 km. According to the brand, the cost per kilometer is only 10 cents. It is worth remembering that Renault already sold electric vehicles to fleet owners in Brazil – Kangoo EV and Twizy – the latter being used even by a mechanic rescue insurance company.

Now, the brand opens sales to the general public, as shown by the unit seen by our Motor1 Brazil team at the Ibirapuera Signal resale shop in São Paulo. In addition, the store Globo, from Curitiba (PR), is also homologated to sell the electric in the country. For now, only these two stores will sell Zoe, in addition to offering test drives.

Launched in 2012 and updated in 2016 in Europe, Zoe shares its platform and several components with Clio.

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15 Comments on "Compact Renault ZOE Is Immediately A Big Hit In Brazil"

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Is that the price including the battery?

Probably with the battery, converted price is 35.000 euros which is around the same in Europe with battery included.

I heard that Nissan will revise their price after learning Renault and Chevrolet prices.

Funny 😂 Should be between Renault Zoe and Chevrolet Bolt, not more than the last one.

Nissan is a larger car, and feels a bit more expensive. Best of luck to Renault. Hope they sell a lot. They could set up some kind of assembly plant for Zoe in Brazil.

I think that the Leaf will face strong competition from the Bolt, due to its price being close to it. If they price it close to the Zoe, it will be much more competitive.

For the ammount of sales expected, a plant for a Zoe is a very expensive investment. But maybe in a future with other markets in the area adding for purchase electric cars, could be different.

I’m guessing any possible incentives died with the election of Bolsonaro…

I don’t think that Bolsonaro has anything to do with that, since, despite him being a environment issues denier, he also is a critical of the Brazilian oil industry. He said that he wants government to divest from Petrobras, since this company had been been hit with many corruption schemes in the late years.

How can you say it is a hit, if none were sold, even reserved?

They were a hit at the show….and that was it.

At current conversion of 1 Real is 0.26 dollars, this means the Zoe base price is US $39.500. Eventually a know-nothing journalist will call it a “Tesla killer” in Brazil. This is technically true because Tesla doesn’t sell in Brazil. The real question is Why Not?

I suppose the Brazilian price should include taxes. In France the base price is 32 600 € after taxes (+20%) corresponding to 27 167 € before taxes.
At 1.14 $ for 1 €, this corresponds to 30 970 $.

What’s sad for the Brazilian people is that this Zoe will be replaced in a little less than a year in Europe by a cheaper and yet more performant model.

The problem are import duties from UE to Brazil. This rises the price and makes any imported car less affordable.

Presumably Teslas would be very expensive: High import duties, no EV incentives(*), and building a SuperCharger network for a small number of cars would be quite expensive.

(*) It’s my understanding incentives apply only to very light BEVs.