Renault ZOE Becomes First Pure Electric Driver’s Ed Car


We dug deep in an attempt to discover the backstory, but our search came up empty.

Therefore, all we have is this Tweet from Renault Z.E. declaring that this Renault Zoe is the first 100% electric driver’s ed car in use in Spain.

There has been a few stories of young driver’s completing driver’s ed tests in electric vehicles, but to the best of our knowledge this is the first driver’s ed school to employ a 100% electric car in day-to-day instructional use.

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Seems like an expensive vehicle to put in a high risk task…

But it’s also a good way to get new drivers into EV’s.

It may be and expensive vehicle but the maintenance costs are lower than an ICE vehicle as well as no gas costs for the school. Much lower lifetime cost for these cars that get driven to death. Driver’s ed vehicles are also usually only used for short drives and then parked for a while waiting on the next class to release (at least from my experience in driver’s ed), giving at least a couple hours charge time between classes, add L2 Chargers and you could potentially have a full charge for the next class. Perfect EV scenarios all around, higher up front cost but lower all around cost for the school, unless someone totals one, which doesn’t happen as much as one would think.

There is also the fantastic side effect of getting young drivers into EV’s and letting them experience the fun drive of an electric car.

My sister wants to learn how to drive in an EV. But doing so will give her a license only for cars with an automatic transmission, which is a rarity in Belgium. So I’m not sure it’s a good idea in that regard. Wat is positive is that the student probably won’t be happy when stepping into an ICE car, pushing him/her to an EV 🙂

Seems it would be good to learn to drive in an EV, and then learn to drive a manual transmission later, why give her too many things at once?

Sure, but if you do your exam in an EV, you get an ‘automatic only’ license, I’m not sure if/how you can do an upgrade for a stick shift.