Renault Zoe Back on Track in France With Over 750 Sales in June

JUL 3 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

Hopefully, Renault Zoe is back on track in terms of sales in France after a previous disappointing month of below 500 registrations.

Let's Hope Renault Sports Tinkers a Bit With This One

Renault Zoe

In June, the number of registered Zoes in France, Europe’s largest market, hit 762. This is even slightly better then in April and allowed the Zoe to take 65th place in the ranking of most popular models overall, with a market share of 0.4%. The YTD total for the Renault Zoe in France is now 3,592.

Renault boasts that in the first half of the year, its share in the segment of personal electric vehicles in France is 76.4%.

In the face of sinking the¬†French economy into a deep recession, the Zoe’s result should be viewed as remarkable. Overall, car sales in France shrank in June by about 9% year over year, so Zoe has been faced with challenges from the beginning.¬† However, it seems Zoe is overcoming the difficult situation.

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After the 1.089 units in March, It was the second best result for the Zoe in France, it isn’t a bad result, but we need to see how the french hatch behaves in the rest of the markets to see if June was a good month for it.

Ghosn, bring the Zoe to the USA!!

Agreed! I wonder how much smaller the Zoe is than the LEAF?

I think the lower-cost EV, combined with leaseable battery, will appeal to US customers. It’s okay Ghosn, we’ve all forgotten about the LeCar and Alliance. You can bring Renault back.

Agreed. Would love to see this car available in the US.

I just got a testdrive in this car last Saturday, and I must say that I liked it a lot. It’s very quite, very smooth and has enough punch if you step on it.

I’m planning on trying out the Leaf as well soon, and the Focus (when it becomes available over here in Belgium) but size wise the Zoe appeals to me most. And the price and leasing of the battery are a great plus.

Cool! Wondered how it handled…

The Zoe is the size of the Spark, and the Fit, with similar range and performance. Unless some OEM goes for a super aero, two seater, this is about as efficient as EV’s are going to get. The similar i3 has a bit more range, thanks to its lighter weight, but at huge expense.

The Edison2 (Automotive XPrize winners) prototype is an interesting attempt to “lightweight” vehicles, and rethink them from the ground up to extend efficiency– for any type of powertrain. This is an aero 4 seater…

Eagerly waiting on their 4.0 Consumer Prototype to be finished… This is not a “puppy” or “carp” looking vehicle… More like a road-spaceship.

Yes! They are right down the road from me. It is a great design. Funding is the hard part for something as revolutionary as this. As I have said before. The current crop of EV’s are electric typewriters. We need an iPad! People won’t know they want them until they see them driving around. Once they are here, it will all seem obvious.

I’d rather compare them as a Palm and an iPod. The EVs I have seen are real cars with only 2 downsides: limited range and more expensive. It’s not like they are crummy and outdated.

The four seat thing is all in people’s heads. They have more than one vehicle. On the rare occasion when they need more than two seats, they can use their old ICE car.

What makes hypercars work is small, aerodynamic shape, and very light weight. The Edison2 is about 1200 pounds, half the weight of the lightest cars sold in the US today. It takes very little energy to move at highway speeds. When you load a couple more 200 pounders in the back seat, the power-to-weight goes to heck. That extra weight isn’t even noticed in a two ton SUV. And that big box takes so much more power to push aside the air, that climbing a hill is an afterthought. Real efficiency takes brains and commitment. You don’t see airplanes designed like current cars. They would never get off the runway.