Renault ZOE 40 Goes 351 Miles On Single Charge

SEP 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

The Renault ZOE can go further than one might think, but at the expense of speed.

The top French electric car, the Renault ZOE, is rated for about 300 km (186 miles) the in real world, or 200 km (124 miles) in the winter, using a 41 kWh battery.

Recently, Renault shared an image with a result of 564.9 km (351 miles) on a single charge done by some enthusiast in France.

The short news doesn’t go into details, but what we see is:

  • total energy consumption: 44 kWh
  • average energy consumption: 7.9 kWh/100 km (62 miles)
  • average speed: 44.6 km/h (27.7 mph)

The question is how ZOE was able to use 44 kWh from 41 kWh, but the extra 3 kWh (7.3%) probably comes from regenerative braking, we believe.

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27.7 mph!

Ever driven in Northern France with a village every 4-5 km? Your average speed is s l o w.

I had read the article some weeks ago. Is a great value, despite the conditions will be not the same for all users and this range probably it’s difficult to achieve.

Thanks, Captain Obvious 😉

Another meaningless test, well done Renault…

The Zoe is a great 2+2 that (if priced right) would be a good buy for newlywed and empty nester alike. BTW- the interior and button choices show their Nissan origins.

The interior has nothing from Nissan. And it isn’t a 2+2 I drove this car, I’m near 1,9 m tall and rear space is quite enough and has a good boot for a 4 m lengh car.

is not a 2+2 , in the back there is room even for 3 adult ( the car is homologated for 5 people) , also Nissan have nothing to do with the Zoe , even Nissna is owned by Renault the production don’t share many components ( for example the Zoe battery are one of the best long lasting battery pack , while the Nissan Leaf have a lot of problem and loos capacity after less than 2 years)

Caradisiac has done the test twice.
The first one was in February 2017 and the second one was this year in August.
The first video :
The second video :

There are various Zoe versions and three different engines.

First was Q90, Q from Continental, with 88 hp, supports 43 kwh fast charger but it’s a bit special when you don’t use its own charger. It comes with 40 kwh battery. This version is out of sale.

Then, it was launched the R90, R from Renault. The engine is more efficient, has 92 hp, only can support charging at 22 kwh but is more reliable. Has a battery of 40 kwh. It’s on sale now and this is the car tested in the first video.

And the last, is the R110, a new Renault engine, with 110 hp and the same caracteristics than R90.

one of the best electric car on the market , room for 5 people , 22kw AC charger ( no need for DC charging) , very good range and reasonable price for the car and for spare parts if you need.