Next-Generation Renault ZOE Expected In 2019 – Unveiling This Fall?

JUL 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

There is a fair chance that this fall we will see the second-generation Renault ZOE (maybe at the Paris Motor Show in October)

2018 – Renault ZOE

According to French sources, Renault will be retooling the Clio and ZOE factory in August to double the production output of ZOE to 440 copies a day from September on.

First, Renault intends to introduce the next-generation Clio and it’s expected that in 2019 the all-new ZOE will hit the market.

The first ZOE went on sale in Europe in 2012/2013, so the timing seems right for a new generation ZOE EV.

The Renault-flagship BEV potentially will be longer and bigger, but the battery pack (41 kWh) and electric motor (R110) are expected to remain the same at the initial launch at least. The new feature will be DC fast charging using CCS Combo.

Whether all these rumors pan out to be true remains to be seen, but ZOE has been among the best-selling electric cars since its debut, so we sure are excited by word of a followup that may be seen in just a couple of months.

2018 - Renault ZOE
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No TMS, no buy.

The ZOE has a TMS, so you can buy it.

How is the current Zoe in that regard? I’ve never heard of any issues with fast charging, but I think most Zoes can only do 22 kW AC, with some at 43 kW AC. I really hope they keep the Chameleon charger, or even better, implement something like Continental’s AllCharge setup, which can do 43 kW AC and accept up to 350 kW DC! But of course you’re right, Renault-Nissan need to see the light on TMS.

I could have so much fun designing my dream EV…

Thanks for that tip. Continental says AllCharge is aiming for a 2022 production start, so the Zoe update this year will probably not get it yet.

The Zoe is inefficient at low power, and used to have trouble charging in the cold. They have heaters on the battery now, probably improved a lot.

I think you mean, it doesn’t have a liquid thermal management system. All EVs will have some kind of TMS.

Any kind of active cooling actually. Prius uses active air cooling. Many others use active liquid cooling. Some (but *not* the Zoe) have no active cooling at all.

Apart from the Leaf

22 kW chargespeed R version is aircooled.
43 kW chargespeed Q version watercooled. Nordic version has battery heating.

Zoe utilises 3 phase AC charging. Quite convenient, home charging in the Netherlands can be easily be done at 11 kW. Many new public chargers are 22 kW. The R version is more efficient than the Q version.

To double to 440 copies a day? That implies they produce 220 a day as of today, which seems to be way off. Zoe sells around 2,500-3000 copies a month.

The Zoe II was supposed to share a platform with the Leaf II, right? It’s encouraging to see Renault-Nissan moving to CCS! Maybe there’s hope for the Leaf after all 😉 If they do share a platform and the Zoe II gets the Leaf’s liquid-cooled 60 kWh pack, it’ll essentially be the better looking Leaf with a better charging standard! Bring it as a wagon and we’re off to the races 😀

Why not 80kwh ?It is the future…

Too large and heavy for the small Zoe? Future battery cells with higher energy density would allow higher capacity battery packs to be installed in smaller cars.

Regardless whether they will share a platform or not, I think it’s safe to assume that the ZOE will remain a much smaller car than the Leaf…

The current generation Leaf still uses the first generations platform and from what I have read elsewhere it is unsuitable for the Zoe. It was announced two years ago by Nissan Renault’s head of BEV’s, Arnaud Deboeuf, that they were to share platforms but some articles and statements since then suggest that the next Leaf (2022?) and the next generation Renault Magane will share a platform (the Megane will become a BEV) and the Zoe will move to the Nissan platform known as B which is shared with the Clio, Micra, Juke etc. You have to remember that the Zoe would be classed in America as a subcompact and the Leaf as a small family.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for that info!

1.- Future Zoe, will be the same car than future Leaf. C Segment for both.
2.- Renault will be launch 8 EVs until 2022. One of them will be a new B segment car.
3.- The common platform for all EV’s in Renault and Nissan in the future is the e-CMP suitable for diferent car sizes.
4.- The Megane electric….. I imagine that is more easy to use the e-CMP and dress it like a Megane, that to convert a Megane into a electric car. I don’t see this idea in Europe, but in Corea under Samsung brand is possible.

Another Euro point of view

It is written that new Zoe is expected to (at least in the beginning) have the same 110HP motor that the old Zoe. Keeping in mind that, as opposed to range, performances are easy/cheap to obtain in an EV so do not understand why they satisfy themselves with the somewhat sluggish measure of 11.4 sec. for the 0-62mph run. To me an EV has to give something in exchange of the sharp loss of range, thus a lively motor should be part of the package. At least a sub 10 sec. time for 0-62 mph.

Performance is constrained more by the battery pack than by the motors. That’s why longer-range EV models are generally more powerful.

I hop it won’t be bigger. The current one is already slightly larger than I prefer.

41kwh Zoe is a superb car, yes it lacks the tech of something like the Ioniq, it could really do with glide mode to increase efficiency, performance has actually decreased when compared to the 22kwh car (we have both) but range is fantastic…..were achieving a real world 230 miles in the summer and there is very little else available that can top that, especially at such a low price. Can’t wait to see the new one!

The current Zoe makes electric noice when charging to an extent that you can hear it and some claim it exceeds the standards. That is a thing I would really like to have improved.
Some sort of DC fast charging would be nice.

Another member of the ev fb-group here in Denmark just posted about her drive to Spain for summer vacation. Nice car for long trips already.

i just wish they would sell them in the usa.