Renault Z.E. – From Road To Track – Video


Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

“From our expertise in electric cars to our experience in Motorsport, we push the boundaries of innovation, to make our lives better.
Renault Z.E. 100% electric.”

This video highlights the fact that Renault makes both road-going electric cars and full-bore plug-in race cars.

In memory serves us right, Renault may be the only major manufacturer who produces electric street cars and electric racers for a internationally sanctioned racing event.

In your driveway or on the track at Formula E, Renault’s got an electric car suitable for both scenarios.

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3 responses to "Renault Z.E. – From Road To Track – Video"
  1. zoe-driver says:

    They invest into the future. Fine.

  2. Bobby sweet says:

    I live in the U.S I wish I could get a Zoe I love the the way they look

    1. Roberto says:

      The way they drive is even better. I’ve had one for 1.5 years already and I have to say, this is what the model 3 should be.