Renault: YTD Electric Car Sales Exceed 10,000

AUG 14 2015 BY STAFF 8


Renault recently issued the Tweet seen above in which the automaker states that through the end of June, its plug-in electric car sales exceeded 10,000 units.

So, more than 10,000 sold in the first six months of 2015 and likely well over 10k more expected in the last 6 months of 2015, which would bring the YTD total to over 20,000 units when 2015 comes to an end.

Renault Zoe - Best Selling EV In Europe For June

Renault Zoe – Best Selling EV In Europe For June

During June, the Renault Zoe was actually the strongest seller in Europe (the only region of significant presence for the brand), moving 2,500 copies, a rare win over the monthly strong performer – the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

For the year, the Zoe has accumulated 8,500 sales, while the Renault Kangoo ZE (van) is ~1,600, bringing the total north of 10,000 between the two alone.  If you consider the Twizy a full-fledged electric vehicle, then add on another ~1,200 sales.

Renault has had a very strong year in terms of plug-in electric car sales.  For more on Renault’s electric surge, click here.

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Only 10000

Renault only sells in Europe.

Compared to the competition it’s a good result, especially when adding the entire Nissan-Renault Group sales.

With the size of the European market, the high number of available models and the preference for plug-in hybrids in some major European countries, that is an excellent result. Europe is not the US (the biggest car market in the world, or did it lose that crown to the Chinese?)

The Renault cars are all electric vehicles. Ford has only sold about 5000 Fccus Electrics in the last four years. Chevrolet with the Spark EV and Chrysler with Fiat e500 haven’t sold as many all electrics as Ford. So Renault is blowing the socks off the American big three in terms of all electric vehicle sales.

I bet they get to 25k at the end of the year.

There’s only one way to kill Exxon/Total’s plan to import Canadian tar sand “oil” and crack it in Belgium. Dump oil.

This would be a Massive pollution source, and a massive consumer of clean energy, that could go directly to auto’s.

I keep saying it.
The Zoe is the best electric car on the market today that normal people can buy.

This car is incredible.

Well, you can’t actually buy it. Not all of it anyway, the battery is leased separately.

That’s what might be holding it back.