Renault Wins Internet With Zero Noise Electric Car Dog Video


Dog Responds To Noise Of ICECar Driving Down The Street

Dog Responds To Noise Of ICE Car Driving Down The Street

As a dog lover, this video from Renault immediately captured my attention.

It focuses on one of those aspects of electric cars that is often overlooked…noise, or lack thereof.

Electric car owners mostly love that their cherished rides operate in near silence, but as it turns out, this silence can deceive dogs.

As you’ll see in the video, the eager dog jumps up in excitement with the sound of an approaching car, only to be let down when the car continues driving by.

But when the dog’s owner arrives in an electric Renault, in near silence, the dog doesn’t even hear the arrival.

Just one more way in which electric cars change the world in which we live.

And yes, we think Renault has won the Internet with this playful video.

Renault's Tweet

Renault’s Tweet

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I’ve got news for them. Our dog can always hear when our Leaf or Volt pull into the garage. especially in summer if the A/C compressor is going. But both still have a distinctive sound, especially the Leaf with it’s artificial pedestrian warning sound.

Same with SparkEV with the fake noise maker. It’s just plain annoying in otherwise silent car, probably to dogs, too.

Same here, both dogs know exactly when my wife is coming down the road in the Leaf and then wait at the door (to the garage) for her.

“Sorry dogs” I think Renault is happy with more than one meaning, to this.

The doggy’s will soon figure it out… People can’t hear Dog Whistles…. My little Scoopy would hear my Quiet car & recognize it “20+ minutes” before I got home @ any given time of the day 0r night. He’d go to the door & wait for Me., N0THING could distract him, Not even his Most Very Favorite Food!..He was all Heart & full of Love..I shall never forget, “My Little Boy”

Tasteful, relevant (noise pollution sucks) and cute. 🙂

The best Dog-Car Ad I’ve seen so far, is the one with the old dog and his owner checking items off a Bucket List, in their Subaru.

Makes me cry every time.

Me too!

can you send a link? Cheers

“Makes me cry every time.”

What happens when you see an ad for the GM Volt or Bolt?

Absolutely nothing.

I would have thought that you throw stuff at the TV.

LOL!!! 🙂 However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Volt or Bolt commercial on TV.

I cry for a little while, then I pee.

You mean this one?

I think the artificial noise & back-up alert should be switchable. It was in the original Leaf. I know my 70+ year old neighbors would appreciate that when I back out of my garage at 10:30 every night merely a few feet from their bedroom window.

The pin on the VSP on the current-model LEAF is still present. You just have to add a switch. (Hint: Momentary contact dash switches are cheap on eBay. Another hint: It’s pin 5 on the VSP. Ground it with the switch and you can drive in silence again.)

According to EU regulations, there can be an option to switch the noise off, but only for one ride. It would be re-enabled for the next drive.

Found it, it is only an option to have such switch, so it depends on the manufacturer.

> (b) Pause switch
> The AVAS may have a switch to stop its operation temporarily (‘pause switch’).
> If a pause switch is introduced, however, the vehicle should also be equipped with a device for indicating the pause state of the vehicle-approach informing device to the driver in the driver’s seat.
> The AVAS should remain capable of re-operating after stopped by a pause switch.
> If fitted in the vehicle, a pause switch should be located in such a position that the driver will find and manipulate it with ease.

Dogs are able to discern individual differences in the sound of cars they are familiar with as opposed to ones they aren’t.

Video link totally doesn’t work in every browser I tried – even with plugins disabled. I have virtually every codec and flash installed too.

I had trouble getting it to play as well. It would play part way through and lock up. I had to try it like 3 times before it would play.

Ha! It’s the same media player on Tesla’s site. Right click, select “play speed”, and ludicrous speed is available.

Right so thanks to the wonderful magic of Android, the video worked beautifully on the phone 😛

What I find strange is the sounds of the ICEs in the video are audibly passing by at speed; a situation in which even an EV is clearly heard. If an ICE were pulling into the driveway (Aka the owner coming home) it wouldn’t sound anything like that.

An electric car commercial? Never seen one on TV. Of course I have watched a few on YouTube. There are still people who don’t know they exist.

This is about the only Electric Car ad I have seen running currently, for the Ford Focus Electric

Where’s my cat video. Those always win the Internet.

Artificial noise are so…artificial.
What about the sound of silence.
Sound is mostly noise, so appreciate when there isn’t.