Renault Unveils Plans To Build And Sell Electric Vehicle In China


Dongfeng Logo

Dongfeng Logo

According to Autocar, “Dongfeng and Renault plan to launch a new sub-brand into the Chinese market in 2016, with models including two SUVs, two saloons and an electric car leading the range.”

The Dongfeng-Renault joint venture, which operates under the name of Dongfeng-Renault Automotive Company (DRAC), is a $1.28 billion partnership in which Renault-Nissan will offer up several of its platforms and technologies to Chinese buyers.

Autocar states:

“According to local media reports, the first of the two planned SUVs will be based on the same platform as the last-generation Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail, while the second is said to be an all-new mid-size model based on Renault-Nissan’s CMF platform, and powered by an unspecified turbocharged engine. A concept version of the SUV is due to arrive in late 2015.”

We Were At Auto China 2014 (or the Beijing Auto Show if you will), And Caught Up With The Venucia E30 (nee Nissan LEAF) In Person

We Were At Auto China 2014 (or the Beijing Auto Show if you will), And Caught Up With The Venucia E30 (nee Nissan LEAF) In Person

Several additional Renault models will be sold in China at some undisclosed point in time.

As for the “electric car leading the range,” few details are available other than its launch timeframe, which is supposedly set for 2018.

If the Dongfeng name sounds familiar to you, it is the Chinese company that also partners with Nissan and is currently bringing the rebranded Nissan LEAF to China as the Venucia E30.

More importantly is that Renault will have in China production capacity for some 600,000 vehicles per year.  Our hope is that a significant percentage of the vehicles produced are eventually electric.

Source: Autocar

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Sales for the Renault Zoe appear to be slowly picking up steam in Europe.

If Renault can get away from the lease/rent battery scheme, the French arm of Nissan-Renault might actually be able to sell a significant number of EVs in China.

Well, they are still almost only getting the Zoe sold in France. The fluctuations in France is larger than the sales in the rest of Europe.

Has Dongfeng started production of the Venucia E30 (aka LEAF) in China yet?

It seems like OEMs are waiting for something before starting production. Perhaps production will gear up in Sept/Oct, just in time to get up to speed for 2015. Year of the Sheep may be when we finally see significant PEV volume deliveries?

estou muito triste com a compra de um renault, pois já faz quase 4 anos que comprei um renault clio 2002 , adorei o carro muito confortável, carro dos meus sonhos. Mais não do meu poder aquisitivo, pois desde que comprei não sai da oficina, tenho medo de viajar pois já deixou minha família na mão várias vezes. O pior de tudo e que não achamos peças pra comprar e quando acha e muito caro. Agora mesmo já faz uns 20 dias que está na oficina e não acho a bomba hidráulica pra compra, só achei na valec renault mais custa 1.200 reais e não posso pagar. Fico triste por que adoro meu carro. Por final tenho carro e não tenho.

Why am I waiting up to 3 and a half months yes months for a new capture .I am seriously thinking of looking at the new u have the cheek to advertise the new limited edition one when u can not keep up with current orders. Not HAPPY