Electric Car Vs Horse – Scurry Challenge Video!

JUL 5 2014 BY JAY COLE 6

In the “this is something you don’t see every day” category, we present EV vs  horse!

EVs Now Officially Set To Displace Horses For Public Transportation!

EVs Now Officially Set To Displace Horses For Public Transportation!

The electric vehicle in this case is a Renault Twizy, which was supplied by Silverstone Green Energy, and was driven by the “reining British and National Autograss Driving Champion Liam Evans”.

While guiding the horse is former Indoor Driving Trials Champion Lindsay Doran driving her Dartmoor Pony Missy to a Bennington Spirit.

So this isn’t some fly-by-night impromptu race, these fellows are serious.

The outcome?  The horse took the race in a time of 41 seconds to 42 for the Renault, unfortunately like all good horse events, penalties were in play and Lindsay racked up 20 of them….so the EV wins on a technicality!

Finally, this will show the world that the electric vehicle can displace horses as the preferred way for humans to travel in the future!

Hat tip to offib!

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The horse has more emissions. 😉

Thanks, Jay! And should somebody mention this whenever there’s the mention on NYC’s horse drawn carriages and electric buggy dispute?

Besides, when was the last time did you see a horse drift?

good 1.

I have seen a horse drawn buggy “DRIFT” those steel tires on wooden wheels don’t give much traction. (I refer you to the chariot race in Ben Hur, on the curves there was a lot of tire drift.)

Usually Horse emissions are useful for soil enrichment, But, the gaseous type horse emissions,(farting is common), are mostly methane, and that is a flammable Green House Gas… All cowboys know, you don’t smoke in the tail region of a horse or a cow…