Renault Twizy Turns Three


In March 2012, the Renault Twizy burst onto the electric car scene.

Sales were initially stellar (over 9,000 sold in 2012), but have fallen off dramatically (3,000 in 2013 & 2,000-ish in 2014)┬ásince the vehicle’s introduction.

Though widely available, Twizy suffers from being classified a quadricycle, yet carrying a price tag that puts it in real car territory.

But still, Twizy is a fun electric car that just might be making its way to North America soon.

So, as we await its arrival in North America, we’ll pass the time by celebrating Twizy turning three.

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Why no windows?

I believe there is no heater, combined with a small cabin and the windows would fog up at even moderate levels of excitement.

Here’s a PR / Ad idea…

Renault releases partial CAD files so people can design their own body panels / mods for the Twizzy. This keeps everyone using the same scale, etc.

All entries (modified CAD and renders?) sent back to Renault, get evaluated by their own design team. Could also use global social media to narrow down final selection process…

Top three designs get put into production. Winners get their own Twizzy.

We don’t need anymore golfcarts in America.

Lots of retired folks, urban commuters, tourists, and golfers might disagree with you…

I believe you are lost try here:

I commute 15 km to work on the bus, if they sold the twizy in Australia it would be how I get to work. Unfortunately it is illegal because it is neither a car, motorcycle or ox cart.