Say What? Renault Twizy Tows Tesla Model X – Video


Renault Twizy Tows Tesla Model X

Are your eyes deceiving you? Can a Renault Twizy actually tow the portly Tesla Model X?

Of course the Renault Twizy isn’t rated to tow the Model X, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

As far as we can tell, the Twizy has a tow rating of 0 pounds, so it’s clearly not capable of towing the ~5,300 pounds Tesla Model X. Or is it?

The key thing here is that there’s no speed involved, acceleration is very gentle and that the grade appears to be relatively flat. Under these conditions, the Twizy tugs the X gently from a stop and manages to accelerate to a very low speed. Even so, it’s still a sight to see. The tiny Twizy pulling the the Model X, plus trailer, is likely to be one of the rarest automotive sightings in the world.

Renault Twizy Tows Tesla Model X

The epic tow took place at the 2017 National Twizy Meet Up known locally as Bundestwizytreffen 2017.

Here’s video of what’s likely the rarest tow you’ll ever see:

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Flat road and next to no speed.

There’s a guy who towed a bus tied to his hair. Look it up.

Yeah, once you’ve seen a stunt where someone pulls a large truck using just his teeth, this Twizy demo isn’t all that startling, even tho it’s still an impressive demonstration of physics in action.

The article below details the physics in question:

THAT’S what TeslaBjørn got wrong recently, should’ve called a Twizy instead! 🙂

Electric motor torque is how trains are able to pull very heavy loads. So if you can mount a trailer hitch securely enough to pull a heavy load, an EV can get it rolling.

That’s impressive! But just about any real car (which the Twizy isn’t) can tow, so long as the trailer isn’t very heavy. My dad used to tow a light trailer (a short pickup bed cut off and converted to a trailer) with his classic VW Beetle. I find all the hand-wringing posts about one EV or another “not being able to tow” to be pretty silly. There is an important difference between not rated to tow, and actually not being able to tow. Buy a third-party hitch, install it properly and securely according to instructions, and use common sense when deciding how heavy a load to pull. If you’ve got a medium-sized or larger camper, then don’t try to pull it with a subcompact car! If you’re not using a pickup or a full-sized SUV, then limit the tow to small and medium-sized trailers. When towing, even with a pickup or SUV, keep your highway speed down to 55 MPH or less, don’t try to accelerate quickly, and take it very slow when backing up until you get some experience in how to back up with a trailer. Yeah, there can be an issue with the car’s warranty. If you… Read more »

In Europe it is illegal to mount a hitch to a vehicle, where the manufacturer has not pre approved it. Most EVs are not approved (probably due to cost, and they may not understand how many that need a hitch), so every second year when the car is due for the mandatory safety and emission test it would fail. And they would probably take your licenceplates, and you would be a pedestrian.

the Range would not be good. Up hill would be close to impossible. Braking would be very poor and unsafe. But you can do it……

Not to poo-poo the Little Twizy That Could, but a 1,360 HP Goldhofer AST-1 schleps 600-ton A380’s for a living 🙂 —- can be looked up on YouTube.

Ibidem: a Model X towing a Dreamliner, and a Touareg – a Jumbo Jet as a stunt, although those planes are probably empty, so maybe only 150-ish tons.