Renault Twizy Sales Falling Off…Everywhere

SEP 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 12

New Renault Twizy Cargo Shows What It Can Do For Solo Drivers

New Renault Twizy Cargo Shows What It Can Do For Solo Drivers

Renault recently released its latest data on sales through the end of August.

When we look at the Twizy model, everything seems to be heading downhill, which means a massive sales collapse compared to the previous year when Twizy was introduced.

YTD, Renault delivered 2,188 Twizys, which is 70% less than in the first eight months of 2012 (7,496 units). Moreover, total sales this year are just little higher than in the single month of April 2012.

Optional windows and a cargo edition don’t seem to be helping the Twizy too much. Sales in August fell to just 216 units across all of Europe. This is a very low number, especially when we compare it to production capacity of at last 2,000 a month on one shift, reported at the beginning of 2012.

Renault Twizy sales report after first eight months of 2013

Renault Twizy sales report after first eight months of 2013

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Bring them to the US!
I want a Twizzah

Not street legal unless you limit it to 25 mph. It then becomes quite tedious.

Who said anything about legal 🙂 (or streets ;))

It was basically a Summer love. It was the car of fashion of 2012. I bet Renault never expect the 10,000-/+ sales it had last year. This is not meant to be a volume car. Remember the Avantime, that wasn’t expected to be the new Clio, despite many including TopGear calling it a failure, fans and car enthusiasts regard it as a bold, symbolic statement.
I should note the Twizy sold more in 9 months than the Avantime did in 2 years, but that is irrelevant. Only that featuring the Twizy in David Guetta’s Alphabeat showed how Renault got its marketing spot on.

If Renault actually cared about Twizy sales, they would bring it abroad of Europe, and most likely it’ll be rebadged as a Nissan but they shouldn’t, it looks worse without the Renault’s black band from headlight to headlight.
While a few are in Japan, it’s basically the Toyota IQ EV over there and I’m not sure if it’s still illegal or unclassified to drive there.

If closed on one side and a proper door on the other it might have been a different story. And better aero and remove the battery lease.

but where is France in that table??

The first line of the table. That ain’t no header.

The Twizy has a problem with slow response and weak brakes. The brake discs have the size of a bicycle brake and have very low durability. Some users had to replace them after only a few thousand km and Renault charges you 1000€ for replacement.

We’re coming into winter, sales of all open cars and motorcycles drop at the first sign of wet and cold weather, and this is essentially a motorcycle.

super lame and wack car, the smart ED is the clear perfect standout choice why anyone would consider getting one of these over a smart i do not know, you just must be dumb smarts are the greatest little cars in the world

this thing is a TOY, not even a micro car

and you point is what? there is nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

I enjoyed driving it. I think it would be perfect for my wife, but she doesn’t want it for one simple reason: even with the windows it is not wind or rain tight. You still get wet and and wind makes a lot of noise when you go faster. If they can fix that, we’ll get one!