Renault Twizy Perfectly Suited as Vacation Rental Vehicle


It’s come to our attention that Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle in 2012, the Renault Twizy, which isn’t suited for highway use, might just be the perfect rental vehicle at those exclusive getaway places that few of us can afford.

Renault Twizy on the Road.

Renault Twizy on the Road.

How’d we discover this untold virtue of the Renault Twizy?  Well, it was from the folks at What Car? who’ve had a Twizy in their long-term test fleet for some time now.

This is how the vacation-rental-vehicle revelation came to be:

“I drove the Twizy for the first time this week. It was dark, cold and damp outside, so it’s safe to say that conditions weren’t optimal for driving home in a partially open electric two-seater….Five miles later, it was mostly with relief that I climbed out (blame the ridiculously hard ride and the amount of icy wind that had been swirling around my back), but I was also smiling because my commute has rarely been so amusing….In the end, though, I struggle to see the long-term appeal of the Twizy. Sure, it’d be great to hire one on holiday in southern Europe, but in Britain, in winter, its appeal is far more limited.”

To be fair, the Renault Twizy can now be ordered with optional zip-up windows and optional doors, but still it’s usefulness in extreme temps is questionable considering that it lacks a heater of any sort.  But it would be a blast to experience its open-motoring design on a tropical island near the equator where the surrounding scenery rarely takes on a “dash for cover it’s going to storm” sort of view.

Let’s end on a strong note though.  Here’s how What Car? concluded its most recent Twizy long-term update:

“The Twizy is huge fun. It’s simplicity itself to drive, is swift enough to keep up with urban traffic (even if initial acceleration from a standstill is a little slow) and mini-roundabouts and many bends can be dispatched with the merest flick of the steering wheel.”

via What Car?

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I have two friends who own Nissan Leafs, and charge them off PV panels. One has a 60 mile, hilly commute, so doesn’t use the heater in the winter to conserve range. The other has a much shorter commute, but runs no heat to save PV energy for the house. For both these people, Nissan could have left out the heater, the AC, and the power window motors, saving enough weight in the process to get rid of the power steering pump, which would increase range enough to use a smaller battery, which would….you get the picture.

There’s these things called jackets, gloves, and hats. I once saw this person riding a completely open mobile machine through the snow. I believe it was called a snowmobile.

Yes, exactly. My friend’s feel it is not to much to ask to where appropriate clothing to save our children’s future. Where is it written that we get to drive around in vehicles the size of aboriginal longhouses, in flip-flops, and shorts, at 80 mph, in February?

Twizy – no practical use outside of large sunny cities. Range in winter – ridiculously short. No heater. Road wind will get every bit of wormth out of you when driven. Very stiff ride. 2nd passenger seat is a joke. Electric scooter is way more practical (cheaper, more manoeuvrable, same absence of comfort).
EVs should not make their owners wear warm clothes in winter and not use heater. And how someone can defrost the vehicle in real winter let’s say -20С without a heater?
“Boiler” type electric heaters are very ineffective (energy consuming). Webasto is relatively cheap alternative though not green (and sometimes problematic in installation in little cars) or things like heat pump which is not quite yet a mass market thing.
Someone should spend some $M in R&D in this area, it will definitely pay off. That’s why I like range extenders more for cold climates.
I live in Moscow, Russia. I often drive Twizy in Europe as a toy. Last test way in Italian mountains. Even at 0C taking it to the next village and back – you have to be an EV fan like me. Doing it for you own money …no way.


Here in the US, we can’t be trusted with the Twizy. It is too dangerous. Now, if it shot bullets it would be constitutionally protected. 🙂

oh don’t worry – the same mentality that takes away your Twizy is working everyday to take away your bullets – you’re just too stupid to know it.