Renault Twizy Launches in Macau


The Renault Twizy is easily one of the most globally available electric vehicles out there today.  Though it’s not offered in the US, residents of most other countries can count on seeing a few Twizy here and there.

Twizy Launch in Macau

Twizy Launch in Macau

The latest spot to join the growing Twizy-available-here list is Macau, one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong.

Macau is a busy place.  Buses, taxis and casino shuttles crowd the streets on a daily basis.  Aside form Twizy, there’s likely not a single electric on the roads of Macau.  Hopefully, that will change soon as the government there is right now in the process of working out the details on installing a charging infrastructure to support plug-in vehicles.

Wilson Mok, Deputy General Manager for Xin Kang Heng Holdings, the company responsible for Renault’s development in Macau, stated:

 “The government will grant its approval either by the end of this year or in 2014.”

According to Renault’s senior brand manager, Evan Tang:

“Twizy is a zero-emissions car, built from fiber material and prepared to be water-proof.”

Tang likely means rain-proof, as we don’t think it would be wise to dunk Twizy in a lake somewhere.

In Macau, the Renault Twizy costs HKD 150,000 or roughly $19,340 in US dollars.

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so it comes there w/o battery rent? battery included?

I demand Nissan sell the Twizy here…or at least send us a long-term NMC (New Mobility Concept) for ‘testing’ (or the F1 Twizy…we are easy to please)

I’m with you…. sort of, I’m in Australia and demand they sell them here too, of course they’ll have to change the law so it can be classed as a car or I can drive it on the pavement either way I’m happy…… come to think of it the roads are full of irritatingly slow drivers in Melbourne and the pavements are pretty wide so they would make pretty good EV super highways, people can walk on the grass.

I saw one of these in Rome Italy. It does make sense to drive one if you live in a dense urban area with $9.00 gas. But I wounder would it be able to do highway speeds at 60 miles on hour.

It doesn’t go 60, it goes up to 52. And while that makes a lot of wind noise, it still handles fine. The acceleration is very slow at higher speeds though.

This is a vehicle that makes sense in Macau, small territory, busy streets, friendly weather…It’s Twizy heaven.