Renault Twizy To Go On Sale In South Korea Later This Year


Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

Renault-Samsung will launch Twizy in South Korea in the second half of 2016.

If Twizy fares well in South Korea, then Renault-Samsung says that some production of the small car may actually be shifted to its South Korean Busan factory.

As Ward’s Auto points out:

“The Twizy, while new to Korea, has sold more than 15,000 units worldwide since sales launched in 2012 in France. It is sold in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.”

Twizy is currently produced only in Spain, so adding Busan would provide more production capacity, as well as facilitate the Asian market more easily.

Beyond Twizy, Renault-Samsung is believed to be working on a low-cost electric car that would be produced in Korea and sold mostly in Asian markets, including China.

Renault-Samsung hasn’t yet disclosed pricing for Twizy in South Korea.

Source: Ward’s Auto

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6 Comments on "Renault Twizy To Go On Sale In South Korea Later This Year"

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It’s fun driving it, but what I heared prices for spare parts are crazy high.

unly if u want to pay that price 😉

Don’t know what it’ll cost in S. Korea, but I fail to see the point of the Twizy in general, given the price. There are multiple 4-door, 4-person small ICE cars that are cheaper

Now, it might work well as basic urban-only transportation, but without full protection from the elements, and very little cargo capacity, it’s just an expensive alternative to an e-bicycle or e-scooter.

The Twizy is not a car, it is a statement.

I am driving one myself and I enjoy it every time.
People are looking at you and think…

Crazy, stupid, different, cute…
whatever, but they have to make up their mind.

Yes, there are cheaper alternatives to commute.
More practical ones, too….
but as mentioned by Alex it is pure fun in every aspect.

cheaper. may be.
but you pay what you get – or – you get what you pay for … 😛
Examples please! Whyt cars with 4 doors (…) can you get for unter 10k?

But Twizy is also a point of view for the future of driving. A statement. A kind of driving that safes reccources, money and is a minimalisted car (here it is in the class of “Quads” so you have low insurance payment with full service)

Twizy has all you nee to get from A to B
low weight, low energy consumtion
and did I write, you safe a lot of money?
I now with drinving Twizy have only 1/10 cost each day.
The money I safe I pay the monthly rates for the Twizy and the battery and have money over … could start smoking again, now there is so much money left HAHAHA
(no joke! from the extra money I will …. what to do with it, nebver thinked about that… uuuh HAHAHA)

Renault still needs to make a special AX Edition of the Twizy: