Renault Twizy Delivery Concept Spotted In France


At the end of 2014, Renault developed the Twizy Delivery Concept, which is much more capable than Twizy Cargo with its trunk instead of a second seat.

Now, we have chance to see how the Twizy Delivery Concept looks.

Capacity of that large box is one cubic meter and, according to Renault, Twizy Delivery Concept could be the solution for the “final miles“.

For now, Twizy Delivery Concept will be used in experimental phases on the streets of Paris.

Renault exploring new solutions for urban deliveries

Renault exploring new solutions for urban deliveries

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11 responses to "Renault Twizy Delivery Concept Spotted In France"
  1. Mike says:

    What’s this, a summer car?
    Why no doors or windows?

    1. jessy says:

      HELLO DOES a motorbike have doors ? no

  2. Anon says:

    It’s like, MyFirstSemi-Truck ™, by Fisher Price Toys.

    1. arne-nl says:

      Until you’ve driven cities like Paris, Rome or Amsterdam. Then you’ll get it.

      1. Anon says:

        Tiny European delivery vehicles generally have doors…

        1. arne-nl says:

          The Twizy comes with door standard, they probably removed them so it is easier to hop on/off.

  3. Ben says:

    another picture:

    Renault could at least double Twizy sales if it had normal full size doors!

    1. arne-nl says:

      I’m not sure why everybody keeps harping on about these doors….

      The Twizy has doors standard. The windows are an accessory.

  4. Cavaron says:

    Give it closed doors, a heating-system, a buyable battery, something about 50mph and food-deliverers will buy it like hot cakes.

    1. io says:

      No, then you’ll need A/C to defog windows, a larger battery to power that and/or the heater, larger motor+inverter to compensate for all that extra weight, so more battery again, etc etc and before you know it, it’ll be almost like a Zoé/Leaf, and cost about the same too.

      And whoever doesn’t balk at the cost by then may still not be satisfied: “Come on, no Bluetooth??”

      Renault kept the Twizy simple. Brilliant IMHO.

    2. arne-nl says:

      Oh please, the Twizy has full size doors if you want….

      But I can imagine that for this type of usage, doors are more of a hindrance than a feature.