Renault Twizy Country Or Twizy Safari – Which Would You Choose?


We’d choose the Renault Twizy without the carlashes (eye lashes attached to the front lights of the car), meaning our choice is for Twizy Safari.

Which would you choose?

Uniquely styled Renault Twizy’s are surprisingly common.  It seems that owners take pride in their tiny Twizys, so much so that we’ve seen perhaps hundreds of tuned, modified or otherwise altered Twizys thus far.

So, it’s not only the Tesla Model S that gets some radical modifications.

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4 responses to "Renault Twizy Country Or Twizy Safari – Which Would You Choose?"
  1. Anon says:

    Would prefer a steam punk Twizzy that looks like a 1908 Detroit Electric or Baker…

  2. Kosh says:

    Twizzy Batmobile

  3. Peder says:

    Please bring this car to the US!

  4. Scramjett says: