Renault Twizy Cloned By Rayttle E28 EV in China

JAN 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Rayttle E28 EV (source:

Rayttle E28 EV police (source:

According to, Chinese company Zhejiang Litong New Energy Automobile Corporation cloned the Renault Twizy.

Here is the Rayttle E28 EV, which despite its slightly different dimensions, weight, plastics on the front wheels and taillights, looks almost exactly like the Twizy. There are some changes inside and to the drivetrain though.

Sales began in September 2014, but this clone news came out recently.

We would advise Renault to call police, but wait a minute…police are using the Rayttle E28 EV Twizy clone too. Arrggh!

Renault Twizy isn’t available in China though.

As reports:

“Litong New Energy says on its website that it “stands in the international forefront of fashion design”, and that the E28 has an “unique European style”.  Well, let’s see about that:

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy. Litong New Energy really did a very fine cloning job. Overall design is 99% similar. Grille, headlights, indicators, mirrors, window, roof, roofline, windscreen wiper; they are all the same. The only difference is the area around the front wheels where the E28 has wheel arches while the Twizy is open.”

“The Rayttle E28 is available with various electric drivetrains, combining various lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with various electric motors. The top spec configuration is a 7.5 kW electric motor mated to a 73.5/135aH lithium-ion battery. Range is claimed to be 130 kilometer and top speed a rather surprising 80 kilometers per hour. Size: 2650/1240/1510mm, wheelbase is 1884 and curb weight is 650 kg. Price for all this pretty is 35.800 yuan or 5775 USD. Compare to Twizy: 2338/1381/1451, wheelbase is 1686 and curb weight is 474kg. Most powerful engine has 13kW. Price in the UK for the 12kW version starts at 7595 GBP or 11.520 USD. One Twizy is thus two E28.”

Source:, hat tip to offib!

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Mark C

It will look appropriate on their streets next to the numerous smart car clones.

Why so many nations allow Chinese Companies to rip off their work and no importation bans on all Chinese products to retaliate is beyond me.


Because giant corporations make a fortune of cheap Chinese labor?

David Stone

Because it is unethical to punish one company for the transgretions of another.

Oh, wait. That is the usual procedure everywhere.


I like the doors 🙂



Someone out there

China has huge import tariffs on foreign products and then they rip off those very same products, yet we still keep supporting Chinese companies like BYD. It’s a bit unfair isn’t it?


Unfair? It’s a form of Economic Warfare…


Perhaps we gonna have a Tuosule Tesla in China after all!
Don’t know if Tesla also kept rights on that name?


I’m old enough to remember the large number of Japanese products coming to the U.S. in the sixties. Pretty much the exact same thing, as designs were copied and made into “cheap Japanese goods”. Made In Japan back then was akin to “Made In China” today. Mostly it meant cheap knock-offs that wouldn’t last and were of poor quality. Look at what a difference 45 years makes! Today, Made In Japan means quality – I’ll never forget when nice Panasonic and Sony personal electronics started failing and having trouble because they were outsourced to Malaysia, Mexico and India!

China seems in that first industrialization stage that Japan was in back then. Look at the news today, China is guilty of stealing our F-35 Joint Strike Fighter plane and nearly copying it on a Xerox! Kind of makes you wonder what chance original thought has over there. After all, didn’t they invent the compass, pasta, gunpowder, paper and printing?!


Is the common industrial cycle:

1) Copy
2) Build cheap, inferior knock-offs
3) Innovate
4) Build quality goods that dominate markets
5) Outsource, find cheaper labor
6) Increase profits
7) Build cheap, inferior products
8) Bankruptcy
9) ( Repeat )


Or…is that the model typifying the greedy lower nature of men?


Leaf Errickson

I could think of a lot of nicer designs to copy. That thing is ugly IMHO.


This has been modus operandi for the Chinese as a people for thousands of years. They think nothing of taking others have done and claiming as their own. Of course Marco Polo stole a lot of stuff from them. Gradually in the West with the advent of more modern norms laws were developed to protect business and intellectual properties. For instance guild secrets, of course being propelled int the modern world they still retain their outdated views of what is right or wrong. If they want something they take it. If they like something they reverse engineer it, or ban it like Google, or hack it like Microsoft Outlook. They are just thieves by modern standards. Hopefully they will actually invent some cool stuff, so we can steal it from them.

Jose Bernardo da Silva

good evening.
can send price list and catalog and the freight and documents to suit here In Brazil.
Rayttle E28 small amount. CEP 55460-000 Brazil Pernambuco.