Renault Twizy Cargo Shows Up In Brussels

JAN 21 2014 BY JAY COLE 4

2014 Brussels Motor Show:  Renault Twizy Cargo

2014 Brussels Motor Show: Renault Twizy Cargo

This summer Renault announced that its 2-seat quadricycle city car – the Twizy, would lose a seat in order to be more corporate-delivery friendly.   And the Twizy cargo was born.

That car, clad with DHL logos, showed up this week at the 2014 Brussels Motor Show (yes, there is such a thing), where it will be on display until January 26th.  Looking at the design and the specs, it does seem like the little Renault could indeed be handy for “city” deliveries.

Access to the boot is from the rear via a lockable 90° door, and the cargo area is actually decently sized at 180l/75 kg.

The Twizy Cargo will be available in two trims:

  • Cargo (top speed of 80 kph/50 mph)
  • Cargo 45 (top speed of 45 kph/28 mph) – also of interest, thanks to only 4 kW of power you can drive it without a license – pizza boys rejoice!

Prices (excl. VAT) start at €6,750 ($9,150USD) for Cargo 45 and €7,350 ($9,960USD) for the Cargo 80.  Battery rental is separate and comes at €50 ($68 USD) a month.  Interesting factEven before the Twizy Cargo hit the European market, Renault was already selling 3 out of every 5 Twizys to corporate customers.

Here is a video of the car in action:

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I’ve seen people say that they feel safe in this…. but we got people saying that they dont feel safe in smarts? LOL, humans are one odd funny bunch.

I am not even going to bother going into the mechanics of why it is far safer to be in a short car than a long car in a side on collision or if the car rolls as there are many people who have shown that the Smart is as safe or safer than a regular car.

The Twizy, however, is a motor bike with a roof and hence should be compared to a motor bike (or quad bike). Is it safer than a regular bike? yes, Can you park regular motor bikes nose in? most states I suspect yes. Is it only L1 equipped? no, L1 is a purely American thing due to the fact that you use 110V, the rest of the world use 220V or higher. Does it mater if you only have a 6 kWh battery? I suspect not.

It would be viewed as a fancy NEV and ticketed immediately, if parked nose in. No one here would compare it to a motorcycle.

Twizzy is only L1 equipped?

Don’t know of any place in the States where you can legally park “nose in”, while everyone else is parallel to the street…