Renault TreZor: Here it is! 0-100 km/h In Under 4 Seconds

SEP 28 2016 BY JAY COLE 40

Today, Renault announced (via the above short teaser video) that it would be debuting the TreZor all-electric concept tomorrow at the Paris Motor Show, with the car foreshadowing the company’s new styling signature.

Like with the new 400 km Renault ZOE that we broke word on yesterday…who wants to wait that long?

So here it is (with some specs/details)…enjoy!

Renault TreZor showing us the French company's future design direction

Renault TreZor showing us the French company’s future design direction

Some added info on the TreZor concept:

Renault Trezor

Renault TreZor

*- Renault says that it has a 260 kW (350 hp) power motor, which puts out a maximum torque of 380 Nm, which gives the TreZor a 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) time of less than 4 seconds

*- two batteries, each with its own cooling system” that works best through the air intake with variable geometry in the hood”

*- regenerative braking system that is derived from the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS), found in Formula E-racing

*- wide track  – 2048 mm front, 2,106 mm rear,  wheelbase – 2776 mm

*- Cd: .22, ground clearance is said to be 25 mm

*- 4,700 mm long, 2,180 mm wide and 1,080 mm high.

Reportedly, the Trezor has a balanced weight, as the two batteries are found one in the front, and the other in the back.  

Interestingly, the Trezor is rear-wheel drive.

To extend the range (which is not specified…at least at this point), Renault has put the TreZor on a diet, with a lot of carbon fiber use throughout, including the chassis central cell and doors.  Total weight comes in at 1,600 kg (3,527lbs).

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I’ll take mine in black.

Not pratical to carry my bike and luggage.
Concept, concept,concept boredom.
Next please.


concept is another way of saying.. hey , look at me, I am here too, see how cool I am ! Oh, you want to buy something similar to this (or similar to what tesla has today on sale), sorry…

Lousy response from “big” automakers who were supposed to destroy tesla by now, according to different shills everywhere.

Yes, to paraphrase a famous quote,
‘News of our death has been greatly exaggerated.’

It is and it isn’t. And more. Concepts are not traditionally meant to show an early sketch of an intended production vehicle, but rather to test audience response to some new direction – towards larger or smaller, sportier or more practical, romantic or utilitarian, and so on. But they have also become a means to generate some attention and attract visitors to the stand – especially when the manufacturer doesn’t have much else to draw a crowd… and this is squarely in the attention-grabbing category and nowhere else.

On the other hand, consider the Bolt concept! That’s practically here less than two years later. And VW is showing a concept on this show that is also very production relevant, even if the time frame is said to be three years. So don’t treat all concepts the same – they’re really not.

no Underwatermode, so not pratical for any submarine captains either.

Yeah, I thought a basic ability for this type of car was to become a submarine in James Bond movies.

At least if they have put falcon wings doors on it so James bond could missuse it as an airplane!

it’s just a concept so this isn’t really that important, but the ground clearance figure can’t be right: 25 cm is more ground clearance than has a ford f150 truck.

Probably mm, that would be about one inch.

A successor or the DeZir concept to introduce the new design direction and future technologies.
The exact specifications are meaningless.

Complete with angry, red glass.


I’ll keep dreaming that they’ll build exciting EVs like this. Even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

And BTW, of course the TreZor is RWD. With 260 kW / 380 Nm output, it’s either that or AWD. FWD would just spin the wheels.

Weight is similar to Bolt (~3500 lb); how big is the battery? With all the hoopla on Carbon fiber, etc. battery had better be much larger, maybe 100 kWh. Then 350 HP is lacking compared to Tesla.

If the battery is smaller (ie, 60 kWh), then weight is awful compared to Bolt.

Either way, it doesn’t sound all that impressive, and downright impractical for less than an inch of ground clearance.

Just bring the cars, vans, trucks not the concepts.

Now that is an interesting concept.

4s? is this a motor show or a museum?

The negativity in the comments here is amusing to me. Sure, it’s not the best EV we’ve ever seen. But they are making an EV that is not only not dorky, but actually exciting. The TreZor is not an appliance like the Leaf/Zoe. It is designed to get the adrenaline pumping. That’s a good sign for the industry as a whole.

That’s just it, they’re not “making” it. A concept car is just a design exercise, or sometimes, a technology demonstrator for new stuff.
Nothing mentioned for this car looks new.

At this point in EV history, what’s needed is to work on real production cars, and not waste any engineering/design resources on concepts.

Not that Renault will ever produce this but the Leaf was once nothing more than a concept car at some stage…
Concept cars show they way companies future products are going even if they dont make it to production so having EV concept cars is way better than having ICE concept cars…
Concept cars are part of the car industry and they allow engineers to play and expirement so some of what they do here could one day make it to production…

Instead of spending your negative energies on Renault who is one of the EV leaders you could try sending your negative thoughts to the do nothing EV and anti EV companies like Toyota Mazda Dodge who only desire is to make more ICEs…

What Yogurt says. Yes, this is a concept car. But Nissan-Renault are the global leaders in EVs. They have sold more than anyone else – including Tesla. And you really are poo-pooing them because they dared to make an exciting concept? One that is designed to get people excited about something, and by the way, it’s electric. Oh boy.

Yes, direct your frustration at any number of others who have littered the past decade with concepts, never to produce any of them.

There are realistic concepts, like the Bolt. And there are concepts who have zero expectation to reach the market like this cartoon creation. If you understand this difference, then you might understand why the rejection. Me, I’m tired of being toyed with.

Yes, Stuart, I understand the difference. I also understand that most EVs are downright boring. So an EV that is exciting to imagine, and looks like it would be a fun/fast car to drive flies in the face of EVs as glorified golf carts.

No I don’t expect the TreZor to see the light of day as a production car. But that doesn’t mean it can’t serve a real purpose.

I see nothing of purpose here aside from attempting to wow people with its Batmobile looks. I can’t get excited about something nobody but a midget can possibly fit in, nor am I impressed with EVs with unnecessarily long hoods. You have my OK however to like it – to each their own.

At this point if you need concept to get adrenaline pumping, IMO you should try exercise a bit more.

There is so many way to get you pumping out of breath much more than a concept right now and very cheap.


While not in perfect shape, I did ride my bicycle to work (my Leaf is parked at home right now). Does that count?

Clearly most EV fans are NOT car enthusiasts. As a group, we seem to WANT boring / practical cars ONLY. Poo to anyone who thinks of building an exciting EV sports car!

Oh but wait. What car kick-started the current EV revolution? Oh yeah, that’s right! The Tesla Roadster!

Bah. The French makers always do this. Although PSA is usually farther out than Renault. The thing is it won’t be built and would be crap if it were. Less than an inch of ground clearance doesn’t just mean it is undriveable in the real world, but also means rock hard suspension making it an awful ride even on smoother roads.

If it was a serious car with an appeal to the kid in me I’d be enthusiastic. But it’s got absolutely nothing but a bold visual presence. To my mind at least that makes it stupid and frankly pretty boring. A McLaren P1 or a Porsche 918 has street cred. It is capable. It looks like something special and really is. This reminds me of the airheads in Miss America competitions that babble incoherently about big questions..! They are pretty, but still manage to turn me off.

Bravo for your cycling.
At least you’re able to understand our slaving status under motorcar.
But you can get your rush where you want, no need to wait for gizmo, that all I’m saying.
BTW, I use to race motocross, fly plane and did a lot of road motorcycle and although many of those brought my blood boiling, I think I was more foolish and hormone drown than nothing else.
Now getting down a steep hill at 100 km/h on my cycle is enough to get adrenaline pumping.
But truly, the art and merit is to get uphill on it as fast as you can, which could be as slow as 8 km/h but well above the red line of your max heart rate.
No concept will ever come close to that, neither this one.
Glad it’s electric, but it is still useless.

“ground clearance is said to be 25 mm”

Less than an inch. So, it will scrape all the lane reflectors in the USA?

or it’s supose to run only on the railway

GIANT VACUUM CLEANER for the highways, interstates, roads, country roads etc…

Unrealistic concept that will never be produced

Yawn. Next

I would want to be seen driving this – when I was twelve.

I’m bored by these absurd concepts!

Cool and sexy! I love these concept cars.

Rimac One copy…


I wonder if Trent Rezor will sue them.