Renault Trezor Electric GT Concept Fully Unveiled – Video/Gallery

SEP 29 2016 BY JAY COLE 21

Yesterday, we broke the details on the pending reveal of the Renault TreZor.   Today with that debut officially in the books, we have all the specs and pictures to round out the story from the Paris Motor Show.

Renault TreZor...and its single "door"

Renault TreZor…and its single “door”

The TreZor (or “treasure” in French), is designed based on the DeZir concept first shown six years ago, and completes the latest Renault styling language – which has now run through all the models in the lineup.  Although Renault’s design chief,  Laurens van den Acker, says that the TreZor “signals a new beginning, not an end.”

Basically the TreZor is a two seat coupe, with a huge single “roof” door that shows off an intricate interior, that also provides an autonomous driving experience (which indicates the car, or anything like it, won’t be in production any time soon).

Still, as you can tell from the photos (and video above), it certainly is pretty to look at.

Video (below): Check out Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn debuting the TreZor Concept (from the 29:30 mark), and also the new 400 km  ZOE (from the 21:00 mark) from the Renault Paris Motor Show press conference.

Renault Trezor Interio

Renault Trezor Interio

Earlier details specs:

Renault TreZor

Renault TreZor

*- Renault says that it has a 260 kW (350 hp) power motor, which puts out a maximum torque of 380 Nm, which gives the TreZor a 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) time of less than 4 seconds

*- two batteries, each with its own cooling system” that works best through the air intake with variable geometry in the hood”

*- regenerative braking system that is derived from the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS), found in Formula E-racing

*- wide track  – 2048 mm front, 2,106 mm rear,  wheelbase – 2776 mm

*- Cd: .22, ground clearance is said to be 25 mm

*- 4,700 mm long, 2,180 mm wide and 1,080 mm high

Gallery (below):  More looks at the Renault TreZor

Renault TreZor - ready for desktop wallpapers everywhere

Renault TreZor – ready for desktop wallpapers everywhere

Renault TreZor top down

Renault TreZor top down

Renault TreZor Interior

Renault TreZor Interior

Renault TreZor - adjustable steering wheel/automous functionality

Renault TreZor – adjustable steering wheel/autonomous functionality

Renault TreZor - looking wide

Renault TreZor – looking wide

Renault TreZor lights on (via GQ)

Renault TreZor lights on (via GQ)

Renault TreZor

Renault TreZor

Renault TreZor Driving

Renault TreZor Driving

Renault TreZor

Renault TreZor


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Cool beans!

There is something to say about the design innovation. I’m just not sure what that is.


I know what it is.

It’s ugly.

It’s a P O S , design exercise..It looks pretty silly/stupid getting in & out of that Contraption ….

4 seconds is too slow for this nice looks! They have to beat the 5 seater that does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. I also wonder what the new Roadster from Tesla will be like!

less than 4 seconds!

Who knew a door design more complicated to produce than Falcon doors existed?

This thing would make a cool Hot Wheels toy

Great. a doorless vehicle… That’s ridiculous even by concept standards…

Very cool looking concept, but why state performance numbers?!?

That’s efficiency.

Hollywood could use this car it they ever decide to remake The Wraith.

Spot on old chap!?

Very cool if you ask me. The 25mm ground clearance would be a serious problem though. I would have to park on the street because I couldn’t get it up my driveway. Needless to say, I am sure I would be leaving bits and pieces of the bodywork all over town once snow and pot-hole season started.

This is a “WTF?” car.

They forgot the part where they get out, look around and say, “To think this used to be a rain forest.”

Ouch, that was folly of humanity, crunching its sordid heel, on the remainder of the asphalt jungle!

This ‘design exercise’ is so far removed from what most people who want to buy an EV actually want, it is a complete joke. When are the the big auto-makers going to get away from this silly notion of spending vast sums of money on pointless ‘concept’ cars and spend it instead on developing something that will actually work and make a real difference?

Ghosn, please put those 2 batteries and the power train in the Renault Talisman and the Nissan Maxima!