Renault to Work With Bollore on 124-Plus Mile Electric Three Seater


The Bolloré Bluecar Lets Us Use Our "French Function" Keyboards

The Bolloré Bluecar Lets Us Use Our “French Function” Keyboards

Jointly, Renault and Bollore announced a massive cooperative deal earlier today.

Bollore Bluecars are the Vehicle of Choice for Autolib in France

Bollore Bluecars are the Vehicle of Choice for Autolib in France

The deal includes all sorts of ties to Bollore’s Autolib EV-sharing program in France (back to that later).

The headline of the announcement is this: Renault will work with Bollore on the development and production of an electric three-seater with more than 124 miles of range (NEDC).

This three-seater will reportedly measure in at 10 feet in length and will likely use a 20-kWh version of Bollore’s lithium-metal-polymer battery technology.

Some sources say that Renault may end up borrowing this battery tech for its own future electric vehicles.

The jointly development three-seater will see use only in Bollore’s rental fleet.

Okay, now let’s return to some of the less exciting (but still somewhat exciting) news announced by Renault and Bollore.

The success of Autolib led to several similar pop-up programs spearheaded by Bollore in France and soon in the US.  Renault now wants in on this action and is willing to assist Bollore is getting additional projects underway throughout France.

Renault is also willing to produce the Bollore Bluecar at its facility in Dieppe, France.  Renault will do this as it sees fit, which will allow Bollore to expand its EV-sharing business at a rapid rate since Renault can easily keep up with the vehicle production needed to support such growth.


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124 miles of range(*) — yeah!

(*) NEDC. — aw…
20 kW*h battery — ah, yes, of course then.

Good to see more EVs, but let’s not set crazy expectations on that one…

Not a crazy expectation. Just takes sensible design.

Hey, cool thing indeed!
Given their previous boxy design, I doubt the next Renault-Bolloré will be anything like the Edison2 though.

Anyway, my point earlier was simply that splashing the wildly-optimistic NEDC rating over the headline was sure to get people disappointed.
Granted, the EPA version “Renault and Bolloré working on 84+ mile EV 3-seater” would certainly not gather as many clicks…

so its going to look and be as cheap and ugly as the cars in the pics? ya no thanks