Renault To Release Twizy Hardware / Platform As An Open Source EV

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Sure Tesla opens some of its patents, but how about a whole platform?

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

Renault has just announced it will release Twizy hardware as a base for an open source EV platform.  (To be fair the Twizy isn’t the Model S, we aren’t really suggesting that, but it is a significant development nonetheless).

The French manufacturer together with four partners that you have probably never heard of (OSVehicle, ARM, Pilot and Sensoria) presented the open-innovation and open-source projects at CES to explore niche markets and to allows partner to build their own electric vehicle, creative apps.

In theory, the Twizy hardware would allow for adding new, customizable features and aftermarket opportunities.

It could be interesting to see what parts or new applications will be created, giving a major boost to Twizy.

However for the US and most other places ‘not Europe’, it would be an opportunity to at least be able to own one, or a reasonable likeness to it.

Renault Twizy-copter

Renault Twizy-copter

Based on Twizy, Renault has developed POM, a compact and lightweight electric vehicle with bodywork parts removed and an open-source automotive platform. Available to start-ups, independent laboratories, private customers and researchers, it allows third parties to copy and modify existing software to create a totally customizable electric vehicle.In partnering with OSVehicle to develop an open-source platform readily accessible to the community, OSVehicle also provides on-demand design and engineering services for complete personalization. Bringing together a rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and engineers, OSVehicle makes it easier to build, share, distribute and modify the hardware designs of electric vehicles.

“We are very excited to welcome a great Auto OEM like Renault in our open ecosystem”, said Tin Hang & Yuki Liu, founders of OSVehicle. “We are sure that our community will benefit and provide value to the automotive industry, contributing with new mobility solutions and solving specific needs with a wider range of connected car and self driving technologies. Sharing common hardware platforms to everyone is a new co-creative and horizontal approach that can disrupt this industry lowering significantly costs and time-to-market.”

Providing processor design technology powering more than 80 percent of mobile computing devices, Renault’s collaboration with ARM will open up the Twizy software and hardware architecture to allow new features, including interoperability with ARM®-based connected devices. The ARM ecosystem is scaling the ARM architecture to address a diverse range of automotive technology use cases in support of ADAS, IVI, autonomous driving, advanced cockpits and connected car.

“Connected vehicles will enable new business models that deliver a broad range of choices and experiences for end users,” said Richard York, vice president of embedded marketing, ARM. “The automotive industry will increasingly focus on the specific functionality that owners want, such as comfort level and entertainment. By providing this platform, Renault is paving the way for innovation in these areas.”

Renault open platform enables co-innovation with partners, opportunity to explore niche markets and allows partners to build their own electric vehicle, creative apps.

Renault open platform enables co-innovation with partners, opportunity to explore niche markets and allows partners to build their own electric vehicle, creative apps.

Renault open platform enables co-innovation with partners, opportunity to explore niche markets and allows partners to build their own electric vehicle, creative apps.

Renault open platform enables co-innovation with partners, opportunity to explore niche markets and allows partners to build their own electric vehicle, creative apps.

More about OSVehicle here (and videos).

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Nice… So when is it going to have a new battery pack? The current 7kWh would be ok if it was still 2010.

Ha! Funny thing is, my 100 Amp Hour x 96 Volt Battery Pack on my EV Conversion should (theoretically) be about 9.6 kWh, but – due to the Nature of Lead Acid Batteries in an EV Application, it was lucky if it was all of 3 kWh! So – if this 7 kWh pack in the Twizy is about double that, it would be an Upgrade for my Conversion EV! 🙂

This has to bag the idiot comment of the year award.

The Twizy is not a highway car. Its maximum speed is either 30 or 50 mph. Why would it need more capacity just because it is 2017???

“This” refers to your comment or the one you are replying to?

Anyways, I would buy a Twizy-like vehicle if it had more range than the current (i.e. 2010-technology) Twizy. I drive around 100-200 km per day in a city/suburban environment and would even tolerate that it’s no doors. But I don’t have 1-3 hours to wait for a (topping-off) recharge.

That’s just me, but I reckon there are other people with the same requirements, at e.g. delivery or nursing services.

Very cool. Local Motors was already using the Twizy running gear for their 3d printed car, so this could be a cool resource for them. This could be a real boon for their local manufacturing concept.

Make a flying car, the Twizy is under 1000 pounds.

They should take away the battery lease and offer buying the battery. I spoke at least 15 people in the Netherland who would buy the Twizy if they could buy, and not lease, the battery and use is as an second car.

+1 from the UK as well. If I could own a Twizy without the battery lease this would be enough for my daily commute. And so much easier to park…

There is no battery lease in Norway for any of the Renault products.

I agree, too. Plus an adaption of the price and/or battery capacity is long long overdue considering the progress of technology.

Let’s not forget that the Twizy is hardly more than an electric scooter on four wheels. And those things go for less than a thousand dollars in China. Twizy price is 8-12k € in Europe plus 50€/mo. – that’s insane. Over 6-8k € incl. battery I am not considering buying it – as much a I could and would use it.

Since Germany does not subsidize the replacement of a city car with ICE by a Twizy (because it is labeled a quad, not a car) people keep buying cheap ICE cars instead of going electric. And the Twizy sells in homoeopathic numbers… 🙁

I don’t like how inflexible the Twizy design is, over the TABBY dev platform.

It would be much easier to CAD up some Replica Baker / Detroit Electric body panels and mods for that– than with the weird proportions, limited seating and safety cell of the Twizy in the way.

This must mean Twizy’s are selling really badly…
I don’t get why Renault doesn’t seem to market it for special purpose fleets, where the non-polluting and noiseless aspects are significant: Self-drive in national parks & large-ish tourist attractions like zoos.

Suppliers you haven’t heard of? ARM? REALLY!? Only one of the largest CPU designers in the world. Your phone (regardless of model) is very likely to be an ARM CPU. Your tablet, your TV box, your TV, etc., all very likely to be an ARM CPU.

What a bunch of nonsense. This stuff rarely amounts to anything except a PR blast for the company.

Remember when Ford did this? No significant results. It didn’t improve the product or anything.