Renault to Leverage Current Electric Vehicles Before Developing / Launching More


Renault will seek out ways to maximize sales of its current lineup of electric vehicles before its dive into the development of new ones.

Renault Will Leverage These....Fluence Z.E. Probably Not So Much

Renault Will Leverage These….Fluence Z.E. Probably Not So Much

That’s the key takeaway point from an article posted by Autocar, which quotes Renault’s global head of electric vehicles, Béatrice Foucher.

Renault’s existing 4 EV lineup is unmatched, so why would the French automaker develop more?

It’s actually quite odd to think Renault would dive even deeper into plug-in vehicles right now, so we’re not so sure that the words of Foucher will surprise anyone who pays attention to the going ons at Renault.

Regardless, Foucher says that Renault will double-down its efforts to push up electric vehicle sales of existing models, especially in key markets with a “a mature attitude to CO2 reduction.”

Renault needs to do this to fend off upcoming electrics such as the BMW i3.  Foucher even suggests that Renault is open to slashing prices on its EVs if that’s what’s needed.

Oh, and it seems leasing the battery pack will always be the Renault way.  It provides Renault with long-term income, says Foucher.

Autocar adds that Renault is working on a “normal charging cable that can be plugged into a typical household socket, negating the need for a charging box.”  Now that’s genius.  It’s what we’ve all been demanding from the EV get-go.

Source: Autocar

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“a mature attitude to CO2 reduction.”

I love this. I get images of immature backwoods Americans, driving their raised turbo-diesel trucks flipping the bird at people trying to help protect our resources (including the stability of the global climate…). “Resources are there for us to use (up). If they’re gone in 30 years, that’s not my problem!”

Lower price + longer range = more sales.

It would be nice if the Zoe was available in the USA. The Twizy would not be legal except if they crippled it down to 25mph. The Kangoo will be covered by Nissan’s NV-200 electric.

What’s with the hints about the Fluence? Are they killing that?

The updated Fluence Z.E./SM3 Z.E. will be back for sale at the end of the year. With more modern cockpit design, 3 phase AC quick charge function and lower price.

The production of the old one had already stopped at the beginning of the year and most dealers sold their demonstration cars with huge discounts, so it’s obviously there are currently near zero sales of it.

Yes, i have bought a Fluence ZE for €10.000 and i know people that have paid €7.000.

Lisboa will have 20 Fluence ZE taxi, i suposse new versión with 22/43 kW charge. With the price of Chademo station you have five AC 43 kW stations.

Recent sales of the Fluence are basically zero. It’s sort of dead already

The charger is the thing that interests me most, the Chameleon charger is genius, by putting the expensive bit of the fast charger in the car the infrastructure cost are massively reduced but the leaving out of a regular 240V 13A low power charger/cable was always going to be risky if you can’t get the infrastructure in place quick enough when there are others who can use existing but perhaps not ideal infrastructure. The UK British gas deal where you get a free 7.2 kW home charger is a good start. A lot of UK homes don’t have an outside plug or garage so if your choices are paying to put in a regular 3kW plug or a free 7.2 kW charger then that is a good selling point. The battery lease deal is a bridge too far in my opinion since most of the subsidies for cars are set to a maximum of 25% of the initial purchase price of the car. I would have thought a low % APR finance deal would have been smarter especially considering interest rates in the EU are below inflation. Anyway this will all come out in the wash, the important thing is… Read more »

The Chameleon charger has one huge drawback. It’s extremely inefficient when charging from your regular 240v home outlet. Which is why they don’t support it. So you can’t drive to your non-ev-owning family and charge from their regular outlet during your stay. I wish they found a solution to that problem!

It’s less of a problem in the UK – there are various providers offering free home charge stations to everyone (not just EV owners) so I’m planning to have them installed at my parents and in-laws, for example.


The Fluence was a conversion with an ill shaped battery as one of the consequences.
They should remake it from the start as an electric with a flat battery and by the way include a Rex option like the BMW i3 and also avoid disgusting potential customers with their pay forever forced battery renting policy.
Then perhaps they will sell the new Fuence fort real.