Renault To Launch Lineup Of Electric Trucks In 2019

MAR 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Renault Trucks announced that it’s almost ready to launch a range of electric vehicles in 2019 as the time is right to compete with diesel trucks.

The French company has been engaged in a series of trial electric truck projects since 2009, testing 12-16 tonne trucks with selected customers and offering the 4.5-tonne electric truck Maxity (since 2010), however nothing has been in high volume.


Renault Maxity Electric operated by Greenway Services

The situation is going to change next year as a dedicated assembly line for all-electric trucks is being installed at Renault Trucks’ Blainville-sur-Orne plant in Normandy.

Sounds like Renault Trucks intends to match its parent company Volvo, which will begin EV truck sales in 2019.

The press release doesn’t specify what models or range/capabilities we should expect.

“Renault Trucks has announced that it will launch a range of electric vehicles in 2019. This range capitalizes on the experience gleaned from ten years of testing electric trucks in real-life conditions with its customer-partners. These all-electric trucks are designed for use in urban and peri-urban areas and will be produced at the Renault Trucks plant at Blainville-sur-Orne in Normandy, France.

Electromobility is the cornerstone of Renault Trucks’ strategy for a sustainable urban transport. Zero-emission vehicles help improve air quality, curb climate change and also reduce congestion thanks to noise-free out-of-hours deliveries. Tomorrow, electric trucks will be simply indispensable for city centre access.

Renault Trucks has been investing heavily in electromobility research and development since 2009, focusing on extensive field testing in partnership with its customers. Real-world tests on various types of experimental full-electric 12-16 tonne trucks – Speed Distribution for Guerlain, Stef for Carrefour, Nestlé and the Delanchy Group – have provided Renault Trucks with vital information on conditions of use, battery behaviour, recharging facilities and specific maintenance requirements for electric trucks.

In addition to these experimental vehicles, a 4.5-tonne electric truck has been on the market since 2010, the Electric Maxity: “Our commercial experience with the Electric Maxity has enabled us to bring our network up to speed on selling, servicing and repairing electric vehicles,” explains François Savoye who is in charge of Renault Trucks’ energy efficiency strategy. “Today’s electric vehicles are a competitive solution, which was not the case in 2010.”

In addition to the great strides made in understanding customer uses and market requirements, Renault Trucks is able to take advantage of the impressive R&D resources offered by the Volvo Group, benefit from tried and tested technology and harness synergy between different entities working on all-electric vehicle development such as buses. Thanks to these economies of scale, Renault Trucks is now in a position to market a cost-effective range of vehicles for its customers in 2019.”

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Renault Trucks is owned by Volvo?
Now that’s weird.
And… Volvo is owned by Geely, right?

Volvo Trucks and Volvo are not the same company.

Nice to see someone who has a clue

The small company Volvo cars that has not been a part of the real Volvo company for decades is owned by Geely.

The real Volvo company that makes everything from buses to trucks, heavy machinery and boat engines had absolutely nothing to do with Geely until last December when they decided to buy 8% of the company. Slightly more than what the Chinese Tencent owns of the Tesla company.

The rest of the owners of this company are mostly Swedish investment funds, basically entirely controlled by the old and rich families in Sweden.

Geely is a larger owner of Daimler with the 10% that they also recently bought.

Who bought 8% of who?

Consolidation and play hot-potato with brands is apparently as common with truck and heavy-vehicle manufacturers as it is with carmakers. “Mitsubishi Trucks” has the well-known triple-diamond logo, but is actually owned by Daimler.

it was Mack original purchased by Renault now own by Volvo, they have some agreement, where the truck are build for Renault, Mitsubishi trucks are also own by Daimler, they also have some contract agreement, where the trucks are build for Mitsubishi it self. Something like that.

But otherwise… great news. I did forget that they had a test truck line going. Of course they’ve been making the Kangoo ZE forever, but that’s more like a boxified passenger car in terms of capacity.

The Kangoo ZE is made by Renault the car company, not by Renault Trucks, which are two different firms.

This is really confusing…

They own Mack trucks too, and the Nissan truck business. .

Another Euro point of view

OK, no I take it we will be informed every other day about Renault testing them including when test drivers stop to take a leak or is the Renault the boring type that just quietly go about its business if manufacturing plain but functional things to make profit selling them ?