Renault Struggling To Increase Electric Car Sales So Far In 2018

MAR 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Over 3,000 electric cars were sold by Renault in February, but the result was 2% lower than one year ago. That comes after a sales decrease of 11% in January.

The decrease is caused by an 11.2% drop in ZOE deliveries, while sales of the Kangoo Z.E. almost doubled.

Renault electric car sales – February 2018

Renault electric car sales in February:

  • Renault ZOE – 2,523 (down 11.2%)
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E. – 523 (up 92%)

Anyways, ZOE was able to secure 3% share of the total Renault passenger car sales in Europe, while Kangoo Z.E. took 2.5% among light commercial vehicles.

Maybe the situation will improve with the introduction of the new ZOE R110 later this year.

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There’s a lot more competition in EVs this year. Last year the ZOE was a bit of a standout, but now you have the new Leaf, e-Golf, etc. Lately even a few Ampera-Es have arrived if I recall from previous articles.

I’d say that this increased competition accounts for their “struggles”.

I thought the same. Last year, the Zoe, with its 40-ish kWh battery pack was the only EV in its price/range segment. Now you have the new Leaf with the same range, but arguably better equipped, as well as the updated e-Golf, and the Ioniq (lower range, but possibly cheaper — don’t know European prices very well). I know the Ampera-E is difficult to find in Europe because of GM’s divorce from Opel, which is a shame.

Range, range, range. . .
That is what their vans need.
We have to replace many of the tiny vans very soon. We have tires to wait, and wait to be able to get a useful range.
When we contacted Renault, they were all sold.
Waiting for even longer range, or quick charge option.
If not we have to buy just a few, and get a diesel for the rest.

Tried to wait. . .

May be you should try a range extender from EP Tender, , I don’t know if they are marketed yet but this could help when 250ks of actual range is not enough…