Renault Spills More Details on Upcoming PHEV


Nissan may not show interest in plug-in hybrids, but French automaker/partner Renault sure does.

Renault Megane Sport Coupe

Renault Megane Sport Coupe

Renault is supposedly developing a plug-in hybrid C-segment automobile to “attract customers who want more range than the 150 km (93 miles) offered by Renault’s battery-electric vehicles,” according to Ward’s Auto.

Renault says it’ll join the growing list of automakers who offer both BEVs and PHEVs.  In our opinion, the C-segment (think Ford Focus or VW Golf) is ideal for electrification.

As Ward’s Auto reports, the PHEV Renault is “at the research stage,” meaning that it’s not yet been signed off for production.  Renault expects to make an announcement later this year regarding the production intent of its first PHEV.

Additional details on Renault’s PHEV (via Ward’s Auto) include:

  • Renault has filed 30 patents on its concept for a new electric motor for the PHEV integrated with a 3-speed transmission
  • The French automotive press has reported widely Renault will show a Clio-sized, 5-passenger PHEV concept at the Geneva auto show in March.
  • Unlike with its EVs, Renault will likely sell that battery with the PHEV, rather than opting to lease it to buyers.
  • Driving range of 19-25 miles (30-40 km) and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h) on battery alone are expected in Renaullt’s PHEV

Finally, Renault says its target price for the C-segment PHEV is €20,000 ($27,000 USD) after subsidies.

Source: Ward’s Auto

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6 responses to "Renault Spills More Details on Upcoming PHEV"
  1. DaveMart says:

    European prices include VAT at ~20%.
    The price to compare against US PHEV cars is around $21,500 after subsidy, which are at similar levels in France to in the US but available at point of sale.

  2. robster1979 says:

    Mmh Clio sized is clearly B-segment. The Megane is the C-segment Renault car. Curious what they will bring; a B or C segment car.

    Btw: 19-25 miles…If you make the effort, put 40 miles in

    1. DaveMart says:

      19-25 miles is more cost effective, and european commutes are on average shorter than those in the US.

      1. robster says:

        you are right on the word ‘average’. As we hardly have suburbias in Europe, people that live and work in the same city tend to have a short commute. However, if you live outside the city you are working in, you easily hit 30 miles one way commute. So, you’re right on average, but there is certainly a need for Volt/Ampera like range for commuting in Europe

        1. DaveMart says:

          No car or range on EV is going to suit everyone.
          Even those with longer commutes will still benefit from the EV, whilst those who don’t need that much aren’t paying over the odds for those who do.

  3. kdawg says:

    “Driving range of 19-25 miles”

    Yawn.. this is probably 8 miles in a Michigan winter.