Renault Unveils Special Edition “Iconic” ZOE


Renault presents the icon of the electric vehicle market.

Renault celebrates sales of more than 110,000 ZOE (since market introduction in late 2012) and presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show a new limited series – Renault ZOE Iconic, as the car is considered an icon of the EV market.

The new version doesn’t bring any technical upgrades in terms of batteries or electric motors. It’s just new special trim:

“There is no coincidence then that the name ‘Iconic’ has been given to the new limited series of the ZOE presented at the Paris Motor Show. This version offers exclusive grey-coloured upholstery with its new Highland Grey exterior and new 17” aluminium wheel rims. As an accessory, ZOE now offers an ingenious luggage compartment floor that is installed flush with the luggage compartment sill and frees up the loading space by storing the cables in this double bottom accessory. Lastly, the ZOE Iconic is equipped with R110 and Q90 motors offering a real-world range of 300 km.”

Renault ZOE Iconic

2018 Renault ZOE - ICONIC
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2018 Renault ZOE - ICONIC 2018 Renault ZOE - ICONIC 2018 Renault ZOE - ICONIC 2018 Renault ZOE - ICONIC

MY Renault

Besides the new version of ZOE, Renault is also introducing its MY Renault app with an entire package of features.

To facilitate the daily life of electric vehicles drivers, a new service helps to create smart journeys by giving information about the whole journey time (journey + battery charging) and guide the driver to the most appropriate charging point. First on the market, this application is accessible via its smartphone. All services are now combined in a single application, MY Renault.

My Renault app
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My Renault app My Renault app My Renault app My Renault app My Renault app

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New rims, cool! (They do look nice though)

I had though they sold more than 110,000 Zoe. If that’s correct, BMW has sold more i3s, even though they came to market 2 years later. I think they are up around 120,000 sold now.

Renault only sells in Europe (and some units in Australia I think…), that’s a hándicap when compare global sales.
i3 sales started in November 2013, Zoe in December 2012, less than a year.

Oh, I definitely agree! They would have clearly sold more if it was offered in the US. I was just surprised because I had thought they were closer to 150,000 sold by now. i3 production was very limited until spring of 2014, and wasn’t available in most markets. It came to the US in April 2014.

I like my Leaf but if I had the choice of Zoe, or Leaf….hands down Zoe!

I switched from a Zoe to a LEAF. The LEAF has much better build quality and more creature comforts. But the Zoe wins on its 3-phase Cameleon charger, better range estimator (the one in the LEAF is actually unusable), navigation, compact size and of course: looks. Towards the LEAF I have no emotions whatsoever. It is just a transportation appliance.

My Brother is on his second lease and they love the Zoe!

Come on Renault, give us additional BEVs (a Mégane / Scenic) and accelerate PHEV development.

Great, that there is still the Q90 engine available. Because that can charge up to 43 kw and the R Engines can only charge up to 22 kw.
I bought my R90 in may 2018 and I am so happy, that I can use the the power of 43 kw quick chargers every where around.
That’s especially when driving bog distance, it’s great to have fast charging.
I drove already in 4 month 20.000 km, so fast charging is important.