Renault Sold Over 18,500 Electric Vehicles in 2013

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Aerodynamics Are Key to EV Efficiency, Says Renault

Renault ZOE

According to the latest preliminary data on Renault EV sales, the French manufacturer ended the year of 2013 with 18,673 electric vehicles sold.  Of which ~97% were sold in Europe.

Renault’s first model, the Renault Fluence Z.E., noted a huge downfall from low levels in 2012 to rock bottom in 2013 and recently we learned that production had been halted. Less than 1,000 units were sold last year.

On the other hand, we have the very stable Renault Kangoo Z.E., with sales that almost reached 6,000. That’s +4% year over year.  (See Nissan, people love electric vans – so started building and shipping those e-NV200s already)

Then we have the Renault ZOE  that was unable to exceed 9,000 units. This is not a bad result as this EV is sold only in Europe and not in all countries there (significant was the absence of Zoe sales in Norway in 2013) — but we do expect more from ZOE in the coming years, as does the French auto maker.

And finally, we have the Renault Twizy. Again, a huge drop in sales from over 9,000 in 2012 to just over 3,000 in 2013. Maybe 2014 will be a better year for Twizy with the addition of a corporate-friendly “Cargo” edition.

Overall, Renault sold 11% more EVs in 2013 than it did in 2012, but the structure of those sales have changed significantly. In 2013, Renault sold about two times more full-size cars and three times less Twizys.  All thanks to ZOE, which compensates for downfalls of both the Twizy and Fluence Z.E. In this way, the value of Renault’s EV sales increased because Twizy is much cheaper than Zoe.

In Europe, over 18,000 EVs gives Renault first place among automakers, but the French company must watch out as Nissan, Tesla, BMW and even VW will grow in terms of EV sales in the coming years.

Renault EV Sales in 2013

Renault EV Sales in 2013

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Go renault, we are waiting for the next cars 🙂

Electric Twingo is coming soon 🙂
With sales started in Norway and introduction of cheaper battery lease deal sales should be significantly higher in 2014… Especially ZOE.

it also shows that the Zoe is the right size/range for a commuter EV. OEMs need to make the Spark/Fit/Fiat 500 EVs available nationally.

According to my calculations (taken directly from Renault World sales figures, but I’ve noticed they differ slightly from year to year, probably because of a revision on the subsequent fiscal year), Renault sold 1,753 BEVs in 2011 (of which 762 cars and 991 LDVs), 16,929 BEVs in 2012 (of which 2,222 cars, 5,691 LDVs and 9,016 quadricycles), and 18,662 BEVs in 2013 (of which 9,763 cars, 5,874 LDVs and 3,025 quadricycles), for a cumulative total of 37,344 BEVs at the end of 2013 (after revision it should be more like 37,500).

Nissan has now sold its 100,000th LEAF, therefore I expect the 150,000th Renault-Nissan BEV to be sold around the second half of March 2014, the 200,000 figure should be reached in October, and if all goes according to plan, esp. for Renault, way before that.

In 2015 Renault-Nissan will break the 100,000 BEV sales per year barrier.

Of course it may look a bit slow to a lot of people, but who would have believed that only three years ago?