Renault Sold 36,000 Electric Cars (Up 38%) In 2017


Renault had a strong 2017 with all-electric car sales hitting a new record of roughly 36,300 (up some 38% year-over-year).

Renault electric car sales – 2017

The French company noted nearly 24% share of passenger all-electric car sales in Europe last year, which is the biggest share among all brands.

Also, Renault ZOE, with its 41 kWh battery, maintained the title of best-selling electric car in Europe – nearly 32,000 total (up 45%).

Kangoo Z.E. increased sales by just several percent to around 4,300 as Z.E. 33 (33 kWh) came a bit late to the scene.

Total all-electric car sales (since 2011) for Renault exceed 126,000 units (excluding Twizy).

For 2018, Renault announced the introduction of Master Z.E. with just a 33 kWh battery. We believe that its sales volume will be smaller than Kangoo Z.E.

Renault electric car sales – 2017

Renault electric car sales – 2017

Renault ZOE sales – 2017

Renault EVs are the most popular in France:

In South Korea, Renault Samsung Motors offers the SM3 Z.E. – sales increased in 2017 by 223% to 2,014.

SM3 Z.E. sales – 2017

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Renault sold (just the brand, not the entire Groupe Renault which includes Dacia & a Russian carmaker) 2.6M cars in 2017
so 36K cars is 1.4% of that. Not awful, but less than I’d have expected.

Renault really looks like constrained by battery pack supply limits.

Master ZE With a 60-120kWh Battery would sell very well.

Actually,60 kWh would be enough if it could charge at an acceptable rate. 7,4 kW is just not going to cut it.

Zoe have up to 43kW charging, with bigger battery. So they go for CCS standard capabilities.

CCS will be soon over 100kW, so we could speculate that 60kWh sized Zoe would support faster charging rates too.

Wish we had the Zoe in America

The Zoë will get an upgrade in Geneva March 2018. With 110 BHP and 100kW charging it is a very useful car, especialy with the rental system for the batteries, this car is affordable for quite a lot of people.
The biggest problem is the waiting line to get one – about 6 months now.