Renault To Show Undisclosed Electric Car In Geneva

8 months ago by Adrian Padeanu 10

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Renault announces EV surprise for Geneva Motor Show

We’ll try to act surprised…

Renault is gearing up for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show where it will have on display the European versions of the Koleos and Alaskan. The midsize SUV and one-ton pickup are going to share the spotlight with a facelifted Captur set to make its premiere at the show. That’s not what you would call terribly exciting, but the company will have an ace up its sleeve: an “EV surprise.” Well, it won’t be much of a surprise now that we know it’s coming…

The identity of the car in question has not been disclosed, so we don’t know whether Renault has plans to unveil a production model or simply a concept like it did at last year’s Paris Motor Show where the stunning all-electric Trezor was introduced.

Renault TreZor

Bear in mind the company with the diamond logo announced late last year plans for a new road-going “affordable EV model.” It remains to be seen whether the Geneva-bound car will have anything in common with the entry-level electric car currently in the pipeline or it will be something spectacular to catch the attention like the Trezor did. The Zoe pictured here was recently updated with a new 41-kWh battery pack granting a 400-km range, so chances are the new car is not related to Renault’s cutesy city EV.

Also in Geneva, Renault’s budget arm Dacia will be there to showcase the rugged Logan MCV Stepway wagon as well as a new special edition series bringing a splash of color and more equipment. Alpine will also be on location to (finally) introduce its Porsche Cayman-fighting sports car they’ve been teasing since forever.

The unknown electric car and the much-awaited Alpine revival will premiere on March 7th during the first press day of the show. Hopefully, online reveals of the two will occur a few days earlier.

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10 responses to "Renault To Show Undisclosed Electric Car In Geneva"

  1. Peter (EU) says:

    I wait/hope Dacia Logan/Sandero (7000e) class EV..

  2. Joe says:

    Either it is a sister to the new Leaf 2 compact car (which might be revealed at the same time). –> Would be strange as the strategy to steal the show from Nissan;

    Or it is indeed the ultra-cheap electric car (which was targeted at $8000 without subsidies for China. –> why would it be introduced first in Europe and not in China??

    EV surprise is not necessarily a new EV.

    Since Nissan is supposed to bring the new leaf at a 20% cheaper price point than current one (according to some articles from Dec.), there might be a need for repositioning Zoé price. –> that would be terrible for the recent ZE40 Zoe purchasers.

    It’s a real mystery: let’s wait until the 7th 😉

  3. mmezo says:

    I bet for the EV Twingo, the cousin of the Smart 4 doors.

    1. Mrph says:

      That was easy…

  4. seth says:

    How about a Zoe estate?

  5. Kdawg says:

    Sorry, but that TreZor looks like something this guy would drive.

    1. Rightofthepeople says:

      Picture of you from your college days? ?

    2. OntarioLeaf says:

      Or Cruela Devile

  6. a-kindred-soul says:

    Well, there is only one model which is completely ready, but not yet shown: the Twingo EV.

  7. Fred R says:

    I’d bet on an all-electric version of the Renault Kwid (low-cost model for emerging markets), made in China with DongFeng.