Renault Sets New Record for Electric Vehicle Sales in June

JUL 20 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault’s preliminary sales data indicates that the French automaker set a new monthly record for its own electric vehicle sales (excluding Twizy).

In June, Renault delivered 1,873 Zoe, Kangoo Z.E. and Fluence Z.E. electric vehicles.

In last five months, Renault’s electric vehicle sales were always above 1,000 and three times were above 1,500, but never has the figures been so close to 2,000.

The YTD total for electric vehicles sold by Renault is right around 8,500, which is well over 2-times higher than last year after the first six months.

Including Twizy, Renault EV sales total for June 2013 of over 2,250 vehicles is the automaker’s best result since May 2012.

About 60% of Renault’s electric vehicle sales are Zoe, a vehicle that in June set its own record 1,358 units.

Not bad for Zoe, and the Kangoo Z.E. has been staying strong too with over 450 deliveries in June.

Unfortunately, sales of Renault Fluence Z.E. checked in at only 61 in June.

The really bad news is that, in June, Renault sold only 380 Twizy, which is about the same as in May and 4-times less than in June 2012.  YTD results so far haven’t exceeded 1,700.  Last year’s first half results for the Twizy was 6,000 units.

This mean that Twizy has slid down from Renault’s electric vehicle leader to third place.

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Zoe: Finally close on the 1.500 units/month desired by Renault, with brilliant results in Germany, Austria and Switzerland;

Kangoo ZE: King of consistency, it has spent the first half of 2013 always between 600 and 400 units per month;

Twizy: July is here and sales should boom for this summer-friendly vehicle, but at 380 units sold in June, sales are on the less-than-expected side;

Fluence ZE: Now that Better Place went for A Better Place (pun intended), Israel and Denmark no longer buy these cars, resulting in just 61 units sold. But there is a bright side in this gloomy picture, one that Renault should take profit: Of those 61 cars, 28 went to Hong Kong, taking the best selling electric car title there from the Nissan Leaf. With this in mind, the french brand should market this car in sedan-friendly countries, with China as a priority, as a way to increase their sales.

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I’ve seen the price of gas in real life in Italy and it’s over $9.50 a gallon these electric car sales are tiny compared to what could happen with solar panels on every roof top in Italy and $9.50 a gallon gas.

I wonder if Fiat will sell the 500e there, or if it is only a compliance car for US CARB states.

I think it would do fairly well considering it’s a good sized electric car. Also I have seen the cars in Italy and it and the Nissan Leaf are fairly big cars by the types of cars I saw over there. At the least Fiat should raise production on the Fiat cars to at least take on some of that good demand they have for their cars. They should be at least making a small profit on each one sold considering Nissan from what they are saying are making some from of profit off of the Nissan Leaf.