Renault Says ZOE Production Is At 160 Units Per Day


The Flins factory in France is the sole location for production of the Renault ZOE and we’ve now learned that each and every day approximately 160 ZOEs roll off the Flins assembly line.

If we assume Renault means 7 days a week, 365 days a year (that’s probably not what Renault intends to mean in its Tweet), then annual production for ZOE would stand at 58,400 units. A rather impressive figure.

However, it’s more likely that Renault’s Tweet is implying a typical five-day work week, with various break here and there for factory overhauls, holiday shutdowns, etc.

In that scenario, the implication would be approximately 200 days per year at 160 units per day, or 32,000 ZOEs produced annually…still a rather decent amount of EVs per year.

Renault itself has previously stated that its production goal for ZOE is 35,000 units this year, up from 20,000 produced last year.

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I think with 180 miles Zoe next year they must produce 320 a day.

It’s a good amount since they basically only sell Renault cars in Europe.

Haha ‘only europe’. You are funny. Europe is huge and rich. There’s no such thing as only Europe in the car world..

The Zoe is not even sold in every European countries…

Europe is huge and rich – and doesn’t include either of the two largest car markets.

What other EVs will Renault offer?

“There’s no such thing as only Europe in the car world..”

On a global basis (including Asia and NA) the Zoe could sell about 100k cars/year with the above numbers.

You know that every fourth new car globally is sold in China today?!

“Europe is huge and rich” – Europe is neither of those two.

Its 250 work days / year times 160 / day = 40,000 units / year.

For a large company like Renault/Nissan, they can easily ramp up the production.

BTW, what is the price of the car including battery.

In Germany it’s 21500 € but you cannot buy the battery you can only lease it for 49 € per month, if you drive at most 5000 km per year. If you drive more, it costs 89 € (didn’t check).

If I’m not mistaken there are only a few markets where you can buy the battery.

Where I live Renault sells the car with the battery and the price for the base model (well equipped) is 30000 EUR

In Portugal the entry level version Life R240 costs 25.000 € with battery included.

Renault says the battery costs 7.000 € excluding VAT (Portuguese VAT is 23 %, so it makes it 8.610 €).

In the UK the prices (after government grant) start at (for the Expression Nav):
* £13,945 with battery hire.
* £18,945 for full purchase including battery.

There are 3 models offered:
* Expression Nav – basic model with 22Kw charger
* Dynamique Nav – extra features
* Dynamic Nav Rapid Charge – slightly older model with the 43Kw charger

Regarding the production figures it will be 5 days per week for 45/46 weeks approximately per year.

These figures then tie in with the stated production volumes being highlighted by Renault.

Regarding prices there have been a number of good leasing deals available in Glezga over the past 9/12 months.

Currently it is £129 per month for a 24 month PCP deal.
1 + 23 type deal with an MGFV payable after 24 months if you want to buy the vehicle outright.

Mileage is quite low — 6K pa — but excess is around 5p per mile.

However there is a but.
Those figures do not include the battery.
Looking at £80’ish to rent the battery per month for something like 7,500 miles pa.

Other prices / mileage scare available but it would appear to be cheaper to overestimate your mileage up front than pay excess at the end.

The figures for the car seem to come from the dealer and whatever volume discount they can negotiate up front from the Renault.

The battery prices seem to be fixed from the manufacturer.

Uh, this factory is AFAIK Renault’s largest, and produces other models. The ZOE is a fairly small % of production…

In France, the price is (after government grants) :
12.100€ with battery hire
We cannot buy the battery, we can lease it for 49€ per month for 5000 km per year or 79€ per month for 12500 km per YEAR