Renault Recalling Over 10,000 ZOE For Brake Hose Checks

MAR 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 2

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault needs to deal with a potential risk of rupture to brake fluid hoses in ZOEs manufactured between the EV’s launch in 2012 and Oct. 6, 2014.

In total, some 10,649 cars needs to visit their local service departments, out of around ~42,300 produced up to date.

“Renault is recalling 10,649 Zoe electric cars to remove the potential risk of rupture to brake fluid hoses, a spokesman for the carmaker said on Thursday, confirming reports on specialist websites and BFM Business TV.”

“A Renault spokesman said the carmaker was preventively checking the position of certain brake hoses and replacing them if necessary, adding that it had not been notified of any accidents relating to the fault.”

It’s interesting to note that Nissan had some troubles with braking, and a similar 47,538 LEAFs needed a software update to be sure brakes functioned properly in extremely cold temperatures.

source: Reuters

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Numerous recalls int the ev space recently.
Sort of reminds of buggy games getting released almost in Beta, except with cars.

Of course not all of these recalls are related to the car being an ev, but the general idea is that things were rushed to market, with predictable results.

Actually, I don’t think the recalls are statistically more significant than for new ICE models. It’s a good sign that these cars are actually being driven.