Renault-Nissan To Build All-Electric Compact SUV In China With New JV

OCT 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

Renault-Nissan looking to break into China with a new all-electric A Segment SUV (think like Renault Kwid shown here)

Renault-Nissan Alliance has announced a new joint venture – eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. , which is being established with Dongfeng Motor Group to co-develop and sell electric vehicles in China.

Venucia e30 (aka Nissan LEAF)

Renault and Nissan will each hold 25% of the new JV, while Dongfeng retains 50% of the new company…as per ‘the way it works’ if you want to sell autos in China’.

We should note that, Nissan already has a JV with Dongfeng to produce cars under the Venucia brand (including the e30 “morning wind” – AKA Nissan LEAF).

The goal with this new JV is to develop an all-electric vehicle using an A-segment SUV platform from the Renault-Nissan Alliance – think something like the Renault Kwid (pictured above).

The car would be then produced from 2019 in Dongfeng facility in City of Shiyan, Hubei Province in central China, with capacity of up to 120,000 cars.

“The new joint venture, eGT New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd. (eGT), will focus on the core competencies of each partner and will harness the full potential of the Renault-Nissan Alliance electric vehicle leadership, as well as the resources of Dongfeng in the new energy industry, to meet the expectations of the Chinese market.

eGT will design a new EV with intelligent interconnectivity, that will be in line with the expectations of Chinese customers. It will be jointly developed by the Alliance and Dongfeng on an A-segment SUV platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. It will draw on the global leadership on EV technologies and cost-effective car design experience from the Alliance, and the competitive manufacturing costs from Dongfeng.”

“The newly formed eGT is planned to be based in the City of Shiyan, Hubei Province in central China. The electric vehicle will be produced at the Dongfeng plant of Shiyan which has a production and sales capacity of 120,000 vehicles a year. Start of production of the new EV is forecast in the year 2019.”

Another look at the A-segment Renault Kwid

Carlos Ghosn, chairman and chief executive officer of the Renault-Nissan Alliance said:

“The establishment of the new joint venture with Dongfeng confirms our common commitment to develop competitive electric vehicles for the Chinese market. We are confident to meet the expectations of the Chinese customers and to strengthen our global electric vehicle leadership position.”

Official vehicle sales data shows 256,879 BEVs were sold in China last year (up 121%).

And despite a slow start in the Chinese market for 2017, production YTD stands at 223,000 units (up 37.8%), while sales have reached 204,000 units (up 33.6%).


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What about US?

It will come.

It’s a deal with the devil

Please elaborate

Unless you want to pay exorbitant tariffs you must joint venture with a Chinese company, thus revealing to them all of your secrets, in regards to the production of that particular vehicle. It’s a rotten deal but it’s the only game in town.

No, it is NOT the only game in town. Far better to focus on the other 5/6 of the world population.

A large part of that 5/6 of the world is 3rd world countries, and the rest is first world that has a saturated market where you are fighting with every other maker. China is the vast growing market. India will come some day, but they like to keep their market to themselves and most can only afford tiny cars or three wheeled tuktuks.

You can’t avoid China, it’s the world’s largest auto market.

Actually, u can avoid them.
They are 1/6 of population and gov manipulates customers, etc constantly.

Right now, the entire rest of the world is begging for EVs. Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, new Zealand remain far better places to go than China.

If you want to play ball on our court you have to play by our rules, unless your’e Tesla.

That is because Tesla Rewrote the rulebook!

The rules that other foreign car makers don’t like, are about making only zero emission cars in China. Tesla makes no other kind.

And doesn’t seem to square with the Dongfeng/PSA alliance to produce EVs announced a year ago:
Renault-Nissan is after all the arch-enemy of PSA, at least in Europe.

This interesting article points out Ford is shifting production of the Focus to China. Also really interesting is this comment:

“Electric vehicles will mean auto factories can have a final assembly area that is half the size, requires half the capital investment and 30 percent fewer labor hours per car, said Joe Hinrichs, president of global operations.”

That’s a very interesting quote. But that might all be because Ford’s not making batteries. :p

I’d pay a few kwid for one of those 🙂


Clarification: The article omits that he Renault Kwid is a locally made vehicle for the Indian & Brazilian markets only; e.g., the base trims don’t have any airbags, not even for the driver, and gets 0 stars on NCAP.

It is a really small 4-seater, about the size of the Twingo, with the standard ICE engine being 54HP.

In no way can it be called an SUV, and nothing like it is likely to be sold in North America in any form, whether ICE or EV.

Airbags and ABS are mandatory to all vehicles sold in Brazil since 2014.

The brazilian version is also ~400 pounds heavier than indian one, for better score in crash tests.

The engine is also more powerful due to more weight.

But, off course, it’s unlikely to have a future version for US market.