Renault-Nissan Aim to Hit 1.5 Million Electric Vehicle Target Before 2020


Nissan EV sales

100,000th Nissan LEAF

According to the Wall Street Journal, Renault-Nissan may be on track to hit its 1.5 million electric vehicle target before 2020.

Renault Zoe in Geneva

Renault Zoe in Geneva

Of course, we should first point out that Renault-Nissan had set an initial goal of 1.5 million by 2016.  That goal was then pushed back to 2020, so achieving it prior to 2020 (but after 2016) still means that Renault-Nissan will be a few years behind its initial EV expectations.

Billy Hayes, vice president of Nissan’s global electric vehicle sales, stated:

“We have every reason to believe our new target is achievable. We believe we can hit it sooner than 2020.”

Nissan LEAF sales continue to be strong, but French partner Renault is struggling.  So, if we’re to assume that 1.5 million is possible before 2020, then will most of those sales rely on the LEAF? Or will Renault up its game to contribute more to the total?

An optimistic Hayes remarked:

“The nice thing about electric vehicles is that once people own an EV, they don’t want to go back to an ICE [internal combustion engine] vehicle. It is getting contagious [so] fast that we can hit the number faster.”

Nissan is still in the process of expanding LEAF sales into additional countries and Hayes thinks that sales growth will come due to this

“We’re in discussion with several countries in Asia and South America, although we can’t name them.”

“We see more and more governments get engaged in EV discussions. This is encouraging.”

As it stands, the Nissan LEAF is the world’s most widely available EV.  Expansion into additional countries will further cement the LEAF’s position as the world’s #1 EV.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Go little Leaf.
You can do it.
and don’t ever let anyone say your ugly.

I think once they come out with the 150 mile leaf with the same price as the 80 mile version they could easily sell a million by 2019 on the highways in the USA.

Nissan will do it.
They have the lowest cost platform
All they need is a cheaper battery

This is a great cutaway of the Leaf’s ENTIRE Power system, electronics included:

Of the big makers the most pioneering.

I wish they would convert the Scenic to an EV/Hybrid in which 4 grown ups can sit in comfort. I love BMW i3 / Opel Ampera but not at all cost.

And BMW targets only a annual production of 100000 EVs at that time.

Considering a linear production ramp up, that will accumulate to only 400000 in the next 6 years.