Renault-Nissan Looking To Create Autonomous, Electric Ride-Sharing Program

JUL 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Auto manufacturers around the world have begun developments of specialized ride sharing services, which are aftermath of connecting autonomous driving capability, electric drive and the general car sharing trends.

Renault NEXT TWO

As car sharing could decrease demand for owning cars (or at least individuals purchasing them), the big automakers needs to prepare to replace revenues with new products, and compete against tech startups (Alphabet, Uber Technologies).

Reuters stated that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is working on combined platform for autonomous ride sharing on the pre-mapped courses with predetermined pick-up and drop-off points (like a bus?).

Japanese game software maker DeNA and French public transport operator Transdev were selected to help develop the system.

The new services probably won’t be ready by 2020, but within 10 years for sure. It’s expected that the market for ride sharing is ultimately five times the size of the current taxi market.

Ogi Redzic, head of Nissan-Renault’s Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services division, said:

“We think that the big opportunity for us is in automation, electric vehicles and ride-sharing and hailing together.”

One large, missing part of the equation is still many regional regulations that would allow for autonomous ride sharing at all.

Other manufacturers such as BMW and General Motors (through Lyft and nuTonomy) are also developing similar new services.

source: Reuters

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They have the right idea for reducing traffic, cleaning the air and reducing imported oil.

NO THANKS! I’ll ride in my own “EV” I don’t want any strangers riding in my EV car or even near it, and., I don’t want to Ride in any stranger’s EV car so that I can get to some place . I want my own space, If I wanna Be a TAXI driver I’ll go work for a TAXI Co.

In the autonomous car future, less people will own a car, but more of the rides taken will be in a car. Therefore, traffic should actually increase, not decrease. Only the need for parking is likely to decrease.

A “Loaded Up Car” causes more wear & tear damage to the Roads & the Car itself as well..This Whole thing is “BAD IDEA” that will monetarily benefit only very Few! This Is a LOSE LOSE situation.

Parking AND traffic will decrease. Instead of six cars on the road we will have ONE for six people. Much better routing will make it easier.

Better routing?
Not really. Today a person depart from his home with his car and goes straight to his work. With automated cars, it first has to drive to your home to pick you up, so that is more traffic not less. Roads are roads there just is no miracle routing. They can let a certain number of cars per hour go through, there is not much you can do to avoid that.
The only thing you can do is add new roads but terrain is limited or add new tunnels but at a cost only feasible in cities, if even there.
In the future cars will be electric, but traffic will still be there and automated cars could actually make it worse not better. That is especially the case if people that usually take buses start to take cars as well, automated cars, but still cars instead of buses.

Routing has to do with picking people up on the way, much more efficient. But you like to criticize everything.

Picking up can sometimes work but not in the case of regular traffic where everybody at once go from outside the city towards the city center. Same situation in the evening in reverse.

NO THANKS! I’ll Drive Own EV in “Safe Privacy” at my convenience , Not the convenience of what could be a Dangerous Criminal in my confines .. I’ll call a Reputable Taxi Co. if I get stuck. Why take un-necessary Risks.

“Routing has to do with picking people up on the way, much more efficient.”

What you’re describing is carpooling. It amazes me how many EV advocates have bought into this wishful thinking, this delusion that somehow carpooling will become commonplace just because the cars can drive themselves instead of needing a human driver.

Most people don’t carpool because it’s inconvenient and takes longer to get to work and home again. Switching to self-driving cars isn’t going to improve that situation much at all.

Everyone has opinions, some people actually think they are right when they are SO wrong.

“Parking AND traffic will decrease. Instead of six cars on the road we will have ONE for six people.”

Your logic and math don’t work at all.

If one car is serving six people, that means it has to spend much more time on the road, on an average day, going from one place to another.

Of course, in reality there is absolutely no way the average car will serve six people. Needed use will overlap far too much for that.

As I’ve said before, the idea that people renting out their own cars to others will significantly reduce car ownership makes about as much sense as claiming people renting out rooms in their home thru Air BnB will significantly reduce hotel room stays. In reality, Air BnB hasn’t made a significant impact on the hotel business, and self-driving cars won’t have a significant impact on car ownership.