Renault, Nissan Offer Diesel Trade-In Incentive To Boost Clean Car Sales


It’s worth it to trade in an old diesel in Germany to buy EVs.

Renault, apparently becomes the first foreign carmaker in Germany to offer owners of older diesel (Euro 5 or an older emissions standard) incentives between €2,000-€10,000 to buy a new Renault (all models).

As the Renault ZOE is one of the most popular models in Germany, we should now expect some improved sales there.

As we double checked, Nissan introduced incentives to trade in old diesels, too. This time the amount is up to €5,000.

If one would choose the Nissan LEAF, you can get €5,400 (€2,000 of environmental bonus and €2,380 Nissan Elektrobonus).

It’s always a positive sign that diesel cars are in retreat, as a consequence electrified models will appear as the only more efficient alternative to gasoline engines.

Source: Reuters

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“incentives between €2,000-€10,000 to buy a new Renault (all models).” Wrong! (you just got to find the model names) “* Umtauschprämie:10.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault ESPACE, 10.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault TALISMAN, 10.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault KOLEOS, 5.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault SCENIC, 5.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault KADJAR, 5.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault MEGANE, 4.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault CAPTUR, 3.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault CLIO, 2.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault TWINGO, 3.000 € bei Kauf eines Renault ZOE, die auf den Kaufpreis des Neufahrzeugs angerechnet wird. Wechselprämie nur gültig, bei Abgabe Ihres Dieselaltfahrzeugs mit der Euro-Norm 1-5 beim teilnehmenden Renault Partner. Das Dieselaltfahrzeug muss mindestens 6 Monate auf den Käufer des Neufahrzeuges zugelassen sein. Angebot gilt für Privatkunden, nicht kombinierbar mit anderen Angeboten. Gültig bei Kaufantrag bis 30.11.2018 und Zulassung bis 28.02.2019.” In other words: E.g. not for – Kangoo (which is quite often a family car and also available as EV) – Trafic (some are cars for big families and base for campers vans) – Master (some are base for campers vans and is also available as EV) – Twizy (an EV) – Alaskan (pickup truck)… Read more »

It’s positive that old ICE cars are replaced by EVs for sure.
It’s also positive when old diesel engines are replaced- but Euro 6 diesel engines are better for the environment, compared to gasoline engines due to less CO2 emissions. CO2 is a greenhouse gas.
I see they offer money for Euro 5 and older, which is good.

Someone still believes in “clean diesel”… How quaint!

These schemes became common in the UK about a year ago and nothing got written here about it.

About a year ago there was a similar Diesel-trade-in offer in Germany to get a Nissan EV, but not Renault EVs and not EURO5-Diesels included. But the offer from VW to get an e-Golf was much better with a total discount on the list prize up to 17.000€ (as in my case, including government subsidies).

So what happens to the traded in diesels? Do they get scrapped?

Euro 1-4 Diesel will be scrapped, Euro-5 Diesel trade-in cars will be sold to some other countries according to several German news.

The “environment bonus” is also given (mainly) for buying Euro-6 Diesel or gasoline cars, which might be also hit from downtown road restrictions in a few years.
Many news in Germany are calling it just a smokescreen of Big-Auto to sell more of their Euro-6 Diesel cars, because this “bonus” is just replacing the usual hefty discount which car buyers get anyway and the trade-in value is just part of the bonus as well.

Also this trade-in bonus is only applicable for residents of (or commuters into) 16 city centers in Germany as a compromise from federal government with Big-Auto.