Renault-Nissan: China To Become Top Electric Car Market By 2020 – Video

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance released an interesting presentation on China’s electric vehicle market. In the presentation, The Alliance forecasts that by 2020, China will become the top EV market.

Well, that is probably an accurate forecast…as China already can be considered the global leader in terms of volume. There is no other country that sold more street-legal electric cars in 2015 (~192,000)

China still needs to work on the market share side, because they are still just below 1%, while the most EV-friendly market (Norway) exceeds 20% market share.

Nissan is already present in China with the LEAF Venucia e30 locally assembled by JV partner Dongfeng, but only 1,273 were sold in 2015, although we should note stronger sales in the 4th quarter than the rest of the year.

“China is poised to become the top electric vehicle market in the world by 2020. Government incentives and hassle free registration processes have encouraged many drivers to make the switch to EVs. In 2014, China registered 75,000 EV sales, giving it a global market share of 25%. In the first quarter of 2015, it registered nearly double that number. The future of mobility in China is looking greener and greener. Watch this video for more.”

Locally Made, Venucia e30/Morning Wind Went On Sale In China In September

Locally Made, Venucia e30/Morning

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If you would count the street legal cars then the number is A LOT higher.

The 192 000 are just the highway capable cars (which in China are cars that among other things need to be able to do >80 km/h).

And for all Germans and US citizens etc. 80 km/h is more than enough for Chinas cities in general which stretches for forever so many cars very rarely get to go a lot faster than that. And if you get to an highway you are likely to be stuck at lower speeds than that.
Unlike when you have a system built on driving cars on freeways with highway ramps everywhere or where the Autobahn is just around the corner.

Well, China does have a large system of limited access highways, but from reports I gather that large as it is, it’s wholly inadequate for the volume of traffic it needs to handle.

Something that’s hard for us to grasp is just how many large cities and mega-cities China has. Can you imagine a fifty lane traffic jam? (Not a typo: 50 lanes of traffic on one highway.) I confess, I can’t.

I’ve seen some strange things in China that I never thought I would see nor have seen anywhere else.
It’s a very fascinating country that I’ve only discovered small parts of so far.

So even if it’s hard to imagine I can at least imagine that there are few things you could imagine that could not exist there. 😛

Uh . . . I’m pretty sure China is the top electric car market TODAY.

It is… in almost every aspect you could think of.

China is already the top vehicle market in 2015 and also the overall sales since 2010 if we include the heavy vehicles like Buses & Trucks.

Some writers have not read all the news.

Besides these highway capable vehicles, they also have Low speed EVs which has sold more than 400,000 units in 2014 and it should exceed 600,000 units in 2015.

China helped to start this whole thing way back in 1998 with electric bicycles. They only sold 58,000 that first year but they started a revolution and now there are some 200 million e-bikes and e-motor scooters world wide. Most of these are in use in China although e-bikes are starting to get quite popular in Europe according to BikeEurope website. Wal-mart sells them here.

If you count the several hundred thousand small electric micro-cars used in rural China as part of the EV total, then China is surely ahead. How about electric buses in China ? China is probably already ahead of everybody else. China’s command economy does produce results, whether good or bad. Given that, I see China way ahead by 2020.

There were 20 000 electric buses sold in China during the first 6 months of 2015. So most likely at least 40 000 for the whole year.

EU numbers are probably in the hundreds.

US numbers seem to be a a lot less than even that.

So it’s not even a competition and never will be… =)