Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Speaks At Davos 2015 – Video


Carlos Ghosn At Davos 2015

Carlos Ghosn At Davos 2015

Whenever Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn gets the mic, we listen.

This video is from Davos 2015, the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, which took place in…Davos, Switzerland.

Per the video description:

CEO Carlos Ghosn shares his insight with you at Davos 2015

Want to know more about Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO and Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s plans for the BRICs , the effect of declining oil prices on EV sales, or what he’s enjoyed most during his tenure as chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Automotive Steering Committee?

Of particular interest to electric cars fans will be Ghosn’s response to the following question (from the 1:39 mark):

Do you think further decline of oil prices will hurt electric vehicle sales?

Simple answer?  No.  Watch the video for Ghosn’s more in-depth answer.


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8 Comments on "Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Speaks At Davos 2015 – Video"

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I like this guy. Nice long term thinker.

Ghosen also said recently at the Mobile World Congress, that he welcomed Apple into the EV Space, saying it would be good for the automotive Industry to have them join in.

So very unlike a former GM CEO…

Nissan under his leadership are doing the right thing.
It is a hard path – but the correct one that will be the most rewarding for EV’s.

Toyota & Honda ought to take a lessen here and change their recent insane hydrogen fuel cell direction / attitude – trying to maintain the oil companies status quo.

I expect Honda to come ot with another compliance only EV for 2018 and beyond, mostly because the hydrogen game is expensive and not subsided very well outside of Japan (yes, of course they will coddle the Japanese government who gives them oodles of cash for hydrogen).

Since the former Honda CEO was canned for spending too much on technology, don’t expect much from Honda. Minimal… compliance only, meet regulations, make lots of higher quality gasoline cars.

Toyota, I think, has dug its heals in.

What the heck is the Japanese government thinking With hydrogen? Where do they think they will get all that hydrogen?

If they are thinking methane clathrates then they are crazy. That’s chaining together speculative technologies.

Probably because they want to try to be less reliant on oil, which they have to import since they lack that resource. That was one reason they went to war with the US over in WW2. So from that aspect I can’t blame them.

That said, they likely would have been better off with EV’s as it’s even cleaner and the power can be created locally.

But I wonder if the Fukushima accident scared a lot of them into not wanting to charge vehicles via electricity, in addition to the usual excuse Toyota gives in that batteries aren’t cost effective (yet they spent untold billions on even more expensive hydrogen fuel cells).

Yeah, I blame the radiation for many things Japan is known for. 😉

Japan has an ocean in front of him, if that is not enough place to find wind power, then who can?

I’d be far more interested in his response to the Bolt, and if they will field a competitor.