Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn – Media Roundtable Interview At Tokyo Motor Show

NOV 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 33

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (and no, you can't get this color in the US)

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (and no, you can’t get this color in the US)

Carlos Ghosn had a Q&A session at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which brings us a few more insights on what’s going on with his companies, and the plug-in segment.

The first is that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is considered a success and will be strengthened, but Renault and Nissan will stay in partnership relations. The two automakers won’t fully merge.

In the case of EVs, Ghosn repeated previous statements that the Alliance is focused on mass market and will not introduce a product to compete with Tesla. Premium EVs are not the priority [39:05].

But the Renault-Nissan Alliance will probably explore the small electric SUV/crossover segment at some point in the future.

The big thing for The Alliance is to be autonomous driving developments (Nissan will be ready by 2020 for city driving) with Japan to be the leading market, but a lot depends on government approvals and up-to-date, precise cartography around the world. [20:00; 33:40; 40:25]

“Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, held a media roundtable at the Tokyo Motor Show today. At the roundtable, he took questions on the Alliance’s autonomous drive strategy, the future of diesel engines and the outlook for the Chinese, Brazilian and Russian markets, among other topics.”

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Glad to hear that things are going well in the Alliance. Hopeful that they will soon offer electric options in their pickups and other vehicles. Can’t wait to see actual eNV200 and new LEAF 2.0. Next year or so should be great.

With a 200 mile Bolt coming from Chevy, Nissan better do MUCH better than a few miles more on LEAF.

If the Auto industry want’s growth they’re going to have to address the 1% ATTACK on the Middle Class.

– Student Loan Debt
– Catastrophic Healthcare plans.
– Unaffordable 401k plans.
– Monopolies in the market ATT, Verison and Comcast.
– Privatization of everything.

@Mike616 – not sure what any of that has to do with EVs, but I’ll bite. 1. Student Loan Debt – no one forced anyone at the point of a gun to take out a loan. Most student loan debt is based on poor decision making and gov’t policy that enables poor decision making. 2. Catastrophic Healthcare Plans – on this we agree; thank you Obamacare! 3. Unaffordtable 401k plans – how on earth are 401k plans unaffordable? You invest money, and in many cases your employer matches it with free money. Nothing unaffordable there. 4. Monopolies like ATT, Verizon, and Comcast – None of which are monopolies. Cable companies do have local monopolies, once again due to bad gov’t policy. But they now compete with Satellite and internet based TV. And in a free market, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. We cut the cord years ago and haven’t looked back. 5. Privatization of everything – um, what? You mean like Obamacare? A semi-takeover of one of the largest segments of our economy by the federal gov’t? Yep, sure sounds like we are privatizing everything to me. In short, stop blaming the 1% for everything that goes… Read more »

4) Increasingly cable companies also compete with online services like Netflix and Amazon.

5) While Obamacare is not a Communist nationalization of healthcare it is a complete Fascist takeover of healthcare.

Hahaha, you guys are ALL hilarious.

Ghosn heads the Renault-Nissan Alliance, based in Japan and France.

Both Japan and France have universal healthcare systems that in mainstream American discourse of the subject, would be considered downright “communist”. Likewise for the cost of higher education, as far as I know.

So both the first commenter, and the “blame Obama for everything since the Big Bang” crowd that pounced on him, are off on a weird tangent.

Ghosn could not and should not care the least about these stupid American pie fights.

Have a great Saturday!

Top higher education institutions are dominated by US. Top innovation in medicine is dominated by US. There’s no magic in US other than non-communist tendencies, though it’s becoming more like North Korea (and Europe) every day.

Oh, if only America was more like France…

*le sigh*


I love that you brought this comment thread to Pepe Le Pew. Well done.

France is HEAVEN on Earth compared to the USA.

Still want your sacred Apple Pie fight don’t you? Well, enjoy.

It just doesn’t have a single thing to do with this blog post, that’s all 🙂

If you’re serious about the post, great response except for healthcare; pre Obamacare was just as bad; patients didn’t know the cost, and it was essentially “free” for them.


Privatization of colleges, like hospitals, turning them into profit centers for the 1% made them unaffordable.
Kids not going to college? Is that your goal? Cause more price increases and that’s what’s going to happen.

The 401k system, you should know, is got a non-participation rate of 90% around median income families: $40,000. A system built for the top 10% of the population really.

Then you now see insurance plans from corporate this year with a family one year out of pocket expense of $10,000. Again, from a millionaire’s perspective, no big deal, from a family of $40,000 it’s BANKRUPTCY.

Republicans are not optimizing policy for America, that should be obvious to anyone with a GED.

Republicans kiss the corporate rear, but corporations do not create optimal policy for the nation, they create optimal profits for themselves, and then destroy the democracy by installing puppet government.

That’s why you see Democrats not funded by Wall Street making Optimal Policy for the Nation: Warren and Sanders for example, and you see not even 1 Republican even raising the issue.

There’s a reason why Elon Musk went to private university, and started private enterprise to build EV in US, not in France. Musk is 1% and so is Carlos Ghosn. If you think they would’ve done just as much if you take away their earnings, you’re smoking some serious hallucinogen.

If you want to see public vs private, compare Trabant to Mercedes/BMW/Audi/VW. I shudder to think what kind of EV we’d have if we have more like Warren and Sanders in charge.

There was a story how the ZOE people wanted Nissan to go with LG batteries. We will see where that ends up.

I thought the current Zoe is already using LG batteries imported from South Korea, and the next gen Zoe will use LG batteries built in a new factory in France.

Ghosn has said for years that the alliance was not, and would not become, a merger. He believes the cultural differences between the companies cannot be flattened without loss. Each company has a culture and experience that is well adjusted to the markets they serve. They then share technologies and resources but maintain independent management structures, boards, headquarters, etc.

He has talked at length about this and believes he has in this way avoided the problems that made other automotive mergers (such as Daimler-Chrysler), so problematic.

I guess Ghosn’s comments don’t specifically rule out an Infiniti LE in the $40k-$70k range but almost.

Next Nissan BEV is a $30k-$40k CUV.

I took his comments to mean the LE is dead. Too bad, I was hoping forsomething rear wheel drive (or AWD) and higher performance using the core LEAF technology.

Too bad Carlos won’t be in LA auto show. Would love to hear / meet him. Also too bad he’s not running GM, though Mary could be ok if there’s wider EV release (Bolt $30K, SparkEV $15K).

“In the case of EVs, Ghosn repeated previous statements that the Alliance is focused on mass market and will not introduce a product to compete with Tesla. Premium EVs are not the priority [39:05].”

I think that’s a little bit wrong. The Tesla Model 3 is made for the mass market. Ghosn says like the will concentrate on the mass market. So I think there will be a competitor from Renault to the Model 3.


Tesla says the Model ≡ is intended to compete with the BMW 3-series; the lowest priced BMWs, which are priced well above the price range of all of the best-selling cars in the USA.

Whether or not that qualifies as “mass market” is a matter of opinion. It’s entirely possible that Nissan doesn’t consider that price range to be mass market.

Best selling gas car + gas (and maintenance) cost, cost higher than the 35k$ model 3.

Think about it.

You are preaching to the choir.

Please don’t call the current crop of “All the Way with LBJ!!!” self-styled war-mongering Neo-COnservative Liberals “Conservative”. For those who are constantly concerned about the latest ‘terrorist’ group, it might be educational to Listen to Putin’s speech at the G20 recently where he noted that several nations represented there incidentally were ALSO funding the group. Which not a single Western Media Outlet deemed newsworthy enough to even mention. As far as 401k’s, IRA’s and savings plans go, many might be interested to know that there will be no “Bail-Outs” next time. The gov’ts don’t have the money required, but thankfully, (from their point of view), “Bail-Ins” have just been made LEGAL in the USA and Europe. Impossible you say? HAHA, when you deposit $1000 into your ‘savings bank’, at the point of the transaction it has already been adjudicated that the money is NOW the Bank’s. They just ‘owe’ you $1000. You say you want it back? Ok, but the FDIC has only 2 cents for every dollar insured, and it will be a game of “Musical Chairs” to see which 2 out of 100 people get some of what they thought was their money.

*cough*. Correct information on FDIC coverage, is here:

, that’s exactly how it works. Provided there are no systemic problems. Then what I said applies OR, there is a bail-in, OR, inflation will eat up the purchasing power of the $1000.

Can’t happen you say? In a minor way, it already has from 1979-1984 the dollar lost half of its value.

This is why a new car isn’t $2430 like my ’67 camaro, or $5600 like my midsize 1980 Mercury Zephyr.

I’m more worried about deflation.

Zero interest rates for years, barely any inflation. Worrying.

Why worry, that is the current reality? I guess there is certainly cause for concern, though latest numbers show slight inflationary pressures.
The FED wants 2% and we are close so they will bump in December and probably a few more times in 2016.

Bill Howland, if that’s your real name….

Inflation only looks scary on a graph, you’re probably not feeling any real world inflationary effects.

If you invest your money even in long term gov bonds, you’ll make sufficient interest to match or beat inflation. Only if you bury your money in your backyard will you have a problem with inflation.

Most Americans, who don’t have savings, don’t have to worry about inflation, because the minute you get your check it’s already spent. The month to month inflation change is meaningless.

So, unless you’re worried about Weimar style inflation, there is no inflation problem. And if your worried about Weimar inflation, then don’t vote for Trump.

I’m voting for Bernie

If he gets nominated, which is unlikely.

Well just put it somewhere else. Actually safe
sales are way up.