Renault-Nissan Alliance Surpasses 340,000 Plug-In Electric Car Sales


Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

In a press release focused on electric cars, autonomous driving, connectivity and other technological field related to automobiles, Renault-Nissan revealed that sales of The Alliance’s plug-in electric cars have exceeded 340,000 units.

“Renault-Nissan is already the global leader in electric vehicles. The Alliance has sold more than 340,000 zero-emission vehicles since 2010.”

The Nissan LEAF accounts for the majority of those sales, but the Renault ZOE isn’t too far behind.

The press release touched upon autonomous drive as well:

“The Renault-Nissan Alliance also announced that it will launch 10 models with Autonomous Drive technologies by 2020. This is in line with the Alliance’s commitment to technological innovation and its focus on the twin goals of zero emissions and zero fatalities.”

“Renault and Nissan engineers are working together on the development of Autonomous Drive, connectivity and other next-generation technologies for mass-market, mainstream vehicles. By partnering on advanced research and development, Renault and Nissan are able to work more efficiently, with less cost.”

Moving forward, Renault & Nissan hope to strengthen ties in an effort to reduce costs:

“In January, the Alliance announced the introduction of a common Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services team that will ensure the swift implementation of connectivity applications that customers will experience across all Alliance brands.” 

“The Renault-Nissan Alliance has set as a priority to make synergies happen today while both companies work together for the future.”

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And not a single one with CCS.

What is the total number of CCS capable cars sold worldwide?

But it seems to be on a slow death march here in the USA

Not damn many… CHAdeMO and Tesla… prob 90% of cars on road?

Probably not 90% but pretty dominant, Zoe makes up about 50k so if you count Chademo compatible cars as Tesla (100k), Mitsubishi (100k) and Leaf (300k) you are probably 500-600k cars globally which is about 40% of all plugin vehicles. CCS capable plugins – i3, e-golf, eup! (I think), can’t really think of any more of any significance. Maybe 75k total CCS capable. So about 10%?? probably less Zoe probably makes up about 5% with its fast(ish) AC charger. It is starting to become less relevant now as sales increase. It was tragic 2 years ago when we had so many charging standards and so few cars. Hopefully as the numbers of cars go up we’ll see multiple charging stations at each location with multiple charging standards on each. It’d be nice to see the Zoe and Leaf share charging standards in the next versions. A high powered AC and DC socket would be great and I think could be done relatively cheaply across those 2 models. LEAF 2.0 would certainly give the model 3 a run for it’s money if it had AWD, 60 kWh and a 43 kW AC charger and a 80kW DC charge port. Especially if… Read more »

I hope LEAF 2.0 (and any other new EVs really) get proper onboard chargers like ZOE.

My LEAF (2012 SL) can only charge at 3.3 kW on Type 2, while the ZOE can draw 43 kW. So in practice it charges basically as fast on type 2 as the LEAF does on CHAdeMO – and at less than half the price! (CHAdeMO generally NOK 2.50 per minute; type 2 is just NOK 1 per minute.)

Having a decent onboard charger will likely be more and more useful as flexi type 2 points become more abundant – at least in Europe where type 2 is the EU standard.

Yesterday Nissan introduced new ProPilot. Think we will soon see that in the Leaf in 2017.

Ev-sales blogspot did a comparison just some days ago so we have some really fresh numbers on that,
CCS 87 632 (14%)
Chademo 393 383 (64%)
Tesla 129 062 (21%)

If you add that Tesla could have a chademo adapter it will get 86%.

Still trying to figure out what’s so special about 340,000. Be sure to let us know when they hit 345,000 or 372,000, too!

What would be great is if there was a little realtime tracker that sit on your desktop just spinning around as more and more ev’s were purchased.

Once they get a decent battery they will double that number in no time.

Both the ZOE and the LEAF will basically double the battery capacity by 2017-2018, sales.

That should give a big boost to sales (and since Nissan-Renault soon own around a third of Mitsubishi Motors, they are the clear leader in the PHEV and EV segment globally).

Great Progress & No Fool cell.