Renault-Nissan Alliance Sold More Than 274,000 EVs

NOV 1 2015 BY MARK KANE 21

Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Renault-Nissan Alliance again released a press note boasting that it will provide 200 electric cars for the United Nation’s COP21 climate conference in Paris.

Renault ZOE, Nissan LEAF and Nissan e-NV200 will be used from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 covering more than 400,000 km (250,000 miles). Additionally 90 charging points (fast and standard) will be installed.

“The vehicles will be available to shuttle delegates 24 hours, seven days a week to and from the Le Bourget conference venue, as a complement to public transportation.”

However, our attention was drawn to the new number of more than 274,000 EVs sold by Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the largest EV manufacturer among automotive groups and notes highest share among all-electric cars (they are not offering any plug-in hybrids yet):

“The Alliance has sold more than 274,000 electric vehicles around the world, accounting for half of all EVs on the road since its first electric vehicle Nissan LEAF went on sale in late 2010.”

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This is some serious volume, but will it be enough to maintain 50% EV marketshare going forward? The i3 and i8 are 9% of BMW’s September US sales, and the Bolt is on the horizon. I forsee a race to the bottom as manufacturers battle it out for greenfield market share. The biggest loser may be Tesla, which is building out for demand which may have been satisfied two years prior by other companies.

Their share of BEV sales for 2015 is at about ~25%. So those 50% of total numbers are getting lower every day.

And they will hardly be able to keep the 25% share of sales of BEVs either.

There is no losing for Tesla. There is no one that has even shown a potential production model that would take away sales from the Model 3. It will still compete with BMW 3-series and Audi A3 and the rest of that segment. That’s easily a 10 million car market that Tesla is aiming to get 5% of.

More manufactures in the EV market means a larger pie is divided into smaller slices. (smaller %’s is a good sign of s maturing market)

Smaller percent is not a bad thing for Nissan, Tesla and others as a are making greater numbers of EVs each year.


Tesla’s big advantage is their good coverage Supercharger network at higher kW speeds than what we will likely see for other EV’s in 5-10 years from now. So even tho the Model 3 may arrive after the Bolt and next gen Leaf, it will have its niche too when it comes out of longer road trip capability than anyone for a good while. But, probably a larger percentage of EV buyers will be ok with a long range EV like the Bolt or next gen Leaf even tho it won’t be possible to road trip the same way as a Tesla til there is a network of 100 kW (or higher) CHAdeMO and CCS at some point in the future.

The market for EV isn’t necessary “road trip” and the network of capable CHAdeMo or CCS is growing faster than the supercharger in some place.
So it won’t be and all alike growth, but some place will lead and inspire the less prone one.
In all this, the race is on and Tesla is better to lace their shoes, because it might go faster than anyone here hope.

CHAdeMO chargers are installed at a faster rate EVERYWHERE in the world, except US.

Superchargers are SHARED power, when Tesla sells more cars in the future, you will only get a free unshared Supercharger at night.

Personally I “road trip” maybe twice per year. The rest of the time I spend going about my daily transportation needs, for which a 200 mile range BEV would be awesome. And refueled each night right at home. I just don’t get those who feel that if you can’t drive a BEV from Los Angeles to New York every week / month that they have no use.

Carlos really needs to keep his shoes shined and his suit pressed and ready to go in the days ahead……

Because the Tesla Model S is already the #1 best selling EV in 2015 in the following countries:

Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Finland, and the U.S.

In 2015, the Model S outsells the Leaf in Germany, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Come to think of it, Ghosn should stop by his barber for a trim. And be sure to pick up some breath mints on his way to the office. He’s gonna need all that and more.

If Nissan puts the 60 kWh pack that they were showing off at the Tokyo auto show in the next gen LEAF and sells it for less than $35k USD then I think it is the rest of the market that will need help.

The model 3 will be a great car but will it be able to match Nissan on cost and performance, we will see. Tesla have proven them selves as a luxury car maker but that is not the same as proving them selves as a low cost car maker. I wouldn’t write Tesla off but we will see if they have a competition free run at the sub $40k, 150+ mile market. GM don’t look like they will put up match of a fight as they don’t seem interested in mass production of the Bolt (maybe they will, but at the moment there appears to be little interest) so we maybe looking at a re-run of 2010 but with model 3 vs LEAF instead of LEAF vs Volt.

Bring it on.

Tesla instantly send their paid agents.

Renault-Nissan EVs outsell Tesla in

Czech Rep
and many more

Oops, I forgot China…

The Model S is also outselling the Nissan Venucia E30/Morning Wind (Leaf clone) in China. Tesla has sold 3025 Model S sedans compared to 774 for the Leaf clone.

Pretty amazing, considering how expensive the Model S is.

how’d it go against the e6?

Model S sales only as high because range is high, but when Bolt, Leaf 2 and so on arrives sales of this cars will explode to 100.000 – 500.000 per year and Model S will left. Who wants a 2 ton vessel driving to work and calls that eco, a BMW i3 is eco but has a problem of low range. Also Teslas long term quality is not the best, i am sure some buyers would prefer Toyota, Mercedes or whatever. Look in Tesla board, you will find many problems like first generation seats desaster, power unit problems, battery problems and so on, Tesla is not God but in high range cars there are no alternative. Even is Audi has no supercharger, they have quality and people will buy e-tron.

Is it you, Mr Lutz? 😛 The Bolt/Leaf 2.0 etc. will do absolutely nothing for Tesla, they are not playing in the same division.

There are no Toyota/Mercedes BEVs even shown as concepts that would compete with the Tesla. So they have plenty of time to work on the quality problems before that.

Audi is hardly associated with quality and there are lots of advantages for the Tesla compared to the current e-trons (no matter if you talk about the A3, Q7 or R8)

Yeah, buy a VOLT! ;-). No matter if they can compete or not, no matter if a future Tesla have 500 miles and Audi 350 miles. In car sector there are always fanboys who buy always same brand, like Tesla fanboys :-). Or national pride, in US many buy Tesla, in France many buy Zoe. And buy 74 million car sales per year, anyway Tesla will be not able to supply demand if electric car sales will get a boost.

So you will swear, that Model S sales will not go down anywhere next year and next next year?

I also could imagine the Model S sales remain, or decline somewhat. Perhaps will fall because Model X prodcution. I think if Bolt comes out than a big advantage of Tesla is gone. I know more than some people, they WANT to buy a Leaf or i3 but for their way to work they need 120 miles or something like that, no electric car makes that and then they MUST buy a Model S…
So if their are some 200 miles cars out for under 35.000 Dollar, Model S sales will perhaps fall.

Mikael I love Tesla and I drove it for a roadtrip this spring. But I also own an Audi A2. And believe me, that car is High quality stuff.