Renault Reportedly Working On Kwid Electric: Price Of $8,500

AUG 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Renault Kwid electric is coming around 2020

The topic of an all-electric Renault Kwid returns from time to time as French manufacturer is seeking a way to offer an electric model that would be affordable enough for developing countries.

The idea is to take the popular, affordable Kwid (one of the cheapest cars in India) and utilize Chinese battery expertise to not exaggerate costs for an entry-level EV.

It’s expected that the Renault Kwid electric could enter sales in India within 12-18 months. Price could be just a tad over $8,500.

Sales of electric Kwid are expected in China, Brazil and the Middle East too. And at that price, is should sell in volume.

Source: CarToq

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Carlos Ghosn, Renault/Nissan CEO said almost two years ago, that they wanted tu put a $8000 electric car on the chinese market. I think this is a very good idea, but not only for the developing countries, even for Europe or Japan. The more EV’s on the street, better for all. And most of people can’t or wan’t spend their money in a 30.000 $ car.
The Kwid is a simple car, but with a few modifications, can be sell in first world as a practic afordable city car. And if it was electric much better.

For Europe Renault use Dacia as the low-cost brand. And Dacia plan to offer a 15.000€ electric car in 2019/2020. Based on the new Renault/Nissan electric platform.

That’s great.

This is the first time that I have heard this.

And yes, it would make perfect sense to offer such an EV in Europe.

The Skoda Citigo EV will also be released in 2019.

The more affordable EV models the merrier.

Yes, it will be very interesting for to popularize the EV’s, but probably the future Sandero electric or kinda that. I think there are a slot under this model by price and size and if you have an electric Kwid for other markets, ¿why not?.

It’s probably the Sandero that will get a makeover but their base is now at $12500. If the target is $17500 that leaves $5k for the battery. Seems doable for maybe 40Kwh. That could absolutely start a ev war in EU.

It at least has an decent cockpit!

Won’t happen. They wouldn’t market something like this in Europe because otherwise people might buy less of the more expensive models.

Need some specs. Video is for gas version. Any numbers on battery capacity, range, torque, onboard charger speed, or available charging interfaces? It’s literally a specs or it didn’t happen type situation.


Slitting their own throats.

Explain why you say that.

The day car manufacturers promise less and do more about electric cars I will start to listen to them more too.

The cheapest China made EV are selling for 7-10k $ with lead acid batteries 48V to 72V packs and “top” speed 40km/h or so on Alibaba – just to get 15 – 20KW motors and Li-Ion batteries instead leads to a starting price of 15k $ and above in China.
In India there is the Mahindra “E2O” 72V – 210Ah hard shell LiePO4 packs also starting at 10’Laks’ INR which is approx 15k $ – for a tiny city hopper. So building an 8,500 $ EV is a long way to go.

I suspect it’s actually the price without battery, which has to be leased on top of that — like ZOE in some markets.