Renault: In June, 3,900 Renault Electric Cars Were Sold


According to Renault, 3,900 of its plug-in electric cars were sold in June 2015.

For Renault, this figure represents the highest single-month volume of all time for electric car sales for the automaker.

The vast majority of Renault’s plug-in sales come courtesy of ZOE, which is now available with or without that battery pack in most countries.

For more info on Renault’s strong year of plug-in electric car sales, click here.

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Zoe battery still only rentable in germany. Boughtable in France, UK (+ Norway?).

Hands down, this is The best electric car on the road today.
3 years in and we like it more every day.
30k miles and still has 100% battery

The chameleon charger is awesome, I can charge her faster than my cell phone at home. The car is a delight to drive in city traffic. And indeed, after 2 years and 60k km, I can not measure any battery degradation at all. But that’s about it. The R-link system sucks. It is so slow to react that it distracts from driving. Charge point integration with the navigation system is hradly usable, mainly because the information is outdated.. Fit and finish are so-so. ZE connect (remotely monitoring car) is very unreliable and partly dysfunctional. Renault refuses to fix this. No software upgrades. And finally the weirdest thing of all: hot weather comfort is awful. And France is a hot country!

arne-nl said:

“And France is a hot country!”

Compared to England or Canada, yeah. Compared to Phoenix, Arizona; or Dubai… not at all.

“Hot” is a relative term.

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