Renault Introduces Something That Makes Sense: Driverless Valet Parking and Pick-Up (video)

DEC 26 2013 BY JAY COLE 12

This Lady Narrowly Avoids Certain Death From The Hands Of A Driverless Horseless Carriage From Renault

This Lady Narrowly Avoids Certain Death From The Hands Of A Driverless Horseless Carriage From Renault

Sure we have seen more than a few autonomous driving demonstrations with electric vehicles by now.

Driverless EV demos are so frequent you would almost believe it was a requirement to selling any vehicle with a plug;  but in the case of the Renault AUMP project, this automaker takes it a step further…and in a logical direction for once.

The AUMP program (Advanced Urban Mobility Platform) is based off a Renault Fluence ZE and for once would actually fill a need.  Valet car service.

Project manager François Chauveau explains:

“Driving a car is generally a pleasure, but sometimes it’s not, like when you spend hours looking for a parking space or you have to park in an underground lot. This is exactly why restaurants have a valet service – at a price, of course! That’s where the idea comes from: why not simply an automatic driver? And in the same spirit, how about a car that picks up its driver rather than the other way round?”

Basically you call the car.  It finds you.  You drive the car around as you need.  Then you send it away.  It finds its own way home, and of course charges itself (via inductive charging) until it is need again.

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I would be scared to drive such a car.

A Renault or a driverless car? I am scared when driving today because of all the idiots on the road, the half blind, the ones driving under influence, the ones who drift away doing other things or not focusing on driving…
(and then I also got a lot of flaws as a driver but I think I’m perfect to I would never believe nor admit that)

The human factor is the main reason for accidents, it’s almost the only reason for accidents. So many lives could be saved by eliminating that factor.

But then again people were afraid to ride trains through tunnels at speeds greater than 30 km/h because they thought their heads would explode. Human fear is rarely rational.

pretty stupid, i’ll park my nice car myself, just like we always have.

And my great grandma said she’d ride a horse to town. Just like she always had.

Tech changes things. Get used to it.

Volt, the stupidity is all yours

The potential application is obvious : car-sharing in crowded cities. For example, a city has a pool of cars, their use is optimized through a central. When a user leaves the car it is available to a new user. When a new user asks for a car somewhere the nearest vehicle comes to pick him up. Think of New York’s taxis without drivers, sort of. I’ve been dreaming of a whole city designed around that transportation mode (with personal cars on external parking lots, for exterior rides), which would have multiple advantages : children security (you can ask a car to pick up your kid to school and it will drive itself and let your kid just in front of the school entrance, but also no risks for the kids that some m…..r is doing 100 in a street and ends killing them), no risk of theft (personal cars safely guarded in collective parking lots), no intrusion from outside vandals (How? By public transport? On horses?), no need for huge personal garages (savings), wayyyy much less traffic, 100% electric traffic possible (if the city buys electric cars), etc. etc. BTW I’m always bemused at the incredibly negative image of Renault… Read more »


Except for the negative Renault image. If the opportunity was given to buy Renault in the US it would certainly sell better than a Volt in France. Just sayin…

Duly noted 🙂

Autonomous driving of course has huge potential even though the capability we see here is faked. It’s particularly convenient when you have to go to a place with horrible parking where the car can just drive away from the area and come back when needed.

And as I’ve mentioned before, single seater autonomous taxis is what can make public transport actually useful. Bridge the gap between point to point and trains and planes.

What about it do you think is faked?

dumb don’t want it