Renault Introduces Low-Cost Z.E. Access Battery Rental Offer for “Low-Mileage Driver” of ZOE

JAN 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 21

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault announced that will add a new offer called Z.E. Access for ZOE.   Access is designed for drivers that do not exceed 5,000 km a year (~3,100 miles).

The difference from the standard offer of Z.E. Flex, which limits drivers to 12,500 km a year, is in the price of battery rental.

If people drive less, then the battery should last longer and this is the thinking behind Renault’s new program.

Z.E. Access will cost €49 a month (battery rental) for a minimum commitment of 36 months, where Z.E. Flex costs €79 a month for the same three years.

“With Z.E. Access, Renault now proposes a battery rental offer adapted to the needs of customers driving under 5,000 km a year. Reserved for private customers buying a new ZOE, the offer starts at €49 a month for a minimum commitment of 36 months. Mileage is capped at 1,250 km per quarter.”

Z.E. Access is particularly adapted to customers who drive short distances every day, corresponding to an average daily commute of 20 km, or 400 km a month. The new offer adds to the Z.E. Flex offer available since the launch of Renault ZOE and starting at €79 a month for three years with a mileage limit of 12,500 km a year.”

Will this help to increase sales? Pay 38% less for 60% lower mileage?

Maybe sales will increase a little bit with this new offer.  However, Renault seems to still be deaf to the concept of selling the car with the batteries.

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This makes sense to me, as I am in that category. Only need to drive to the golf course, and to the store, or to the movies.

Renault Bean Counters want to kill this car. 🙁

Even at UK petrol prices I can travel more miles than that for less money even if the electricity were free.
And that is driving a car with no range limitations.

Oops! Perhaps not, that is Euros, not pounds.
There is still little financial advantage though.

Renault started today selling the Zoe and Kangoo ZE with batteries included in Norway. Finally no more mandatory battery leasing.

The 22KWh battery is valued at 6.000€, Norway doesn’t apply VAT to electric cars, so when Renault decides to start selling EVs with battery included in others countries, they will be more expensive.

In Norway the Zoe with battery included is selling for the same price range of 4 seats Volkswagen e-Up (21.490€).

I bet that the Zoe will be the most sold car in Norway soon.

Is that true? It would be a great news for such a good car!

do you have a link to the press realece? and do you know if the same deal will be avalible for sweden to? we will receve the cars at the same time as norway (we waiting for their battery to be modded for the climate)

Sorry, for what I know at the moment Renault EVs with batteries included are only available in Norway and France.

In France it does have a ridiculous high price.


Many thanks!
I can’t seem to track down the price of the batteries in France – have you a link?

36.140€, it’s at the same price range of BMW i3.

poupou33 said that it’s a glitch of Renault France website and he’s probably right.

At the moment the only confirmed country by Renault is Norway, the rest is just rumors.

Renault does not sale the Zoe with battery in France, that’s just some phantasie price of an unknown dealer and there is no prove that even a single Zoe was sold by them.

That is an excellent price, working out to $368kwh, at retail!

I don’t need less mileage myself, but I think it’s a good think that they give this option. And the price shouldn’t drop as much as the mileage as the batteries in the car still cost the same to Renault.

Not in France, this is a glitch on Renault website. What about your sources for Norway?

Sorry I haven’t seen your links above. Thank you Pedro!

No problem 🙂

Let’s hope that soon Renault expands the option to buy the battery to others countries. Renault Zoe is technically such a good car it’s a shame that it was being undermined by the useless bureaucrats that run the company.

I think that the introduction of Tesla, Volkswagen and BMW’s electric cars forced Renault to get their acts together to not lose the leadership in EVs.


Yes, in Europe where Renault sells electric cars, they have more than half of the market share.

I just looked into it and you are right that in the european sales they are actually the number one brand in 2013 with almost a third of all sales.

But globally they are not in the top 5 of car makers selling EV’s and in europe they were number three in november with almost no margin down to number four and five.
Their market share in november were 12,5%.

They are hardly leading anything anymore.