Renault Increased EV Sales By 56% In February To 3,100 Thanks To New ZOE


Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault didn’t show any of the seasonal slowdown experience found elsewhere in Europe.  In fact the French automaker noted one of its best months ever for EV sales in February.

In total, more than 3,100 electric cars were sold (excluding the Twizy), which was 56% more than year ago.

Compared alongside total Renault car sales, EVs held a 1.6% share during the month.

Despite Renault offering several models in its EV lineup, in reality there is ZOE and a few other asterisks…at least when it comes to sales. Last month ZOE deliveries amounted to roughly 2,850 registrations – up 75% year-over-year, while Kangoo Z.E., in second spot, barely exceeded 250.

With a 3,000+ monthly resuls, Renault should cross the all-time, 100,000 all-electric car sales mark (full size, excluding Twizy) in March or April.  An impressive showing for really a Europe-only brand.

Renault ZOE sales – February 2017

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12 responses to "Renault Increased EV Sales By 56% In February To 3,100 Thanks To New ZOE"
  1. tftf says:

    About recent Renault EV sales other than ZOE.

    Let’s not forget big range boosts are coming soon, sales are therefore slow in anticipation:

    I would compare sales again in a few months once these new models are on sale.

  2. Another (Euro) industrial point of view says:

    The right recipe of robust EV incentives combined with a long range affordable EV.

  3. Max says:

    I am a firm believer Renault could sell many more Zoés.

    The marketing is not right yet. I was recently in a mall where 2 sales representatives were promoting the EV.

    Sales pitch was very weak and even counterproductive.

    Battery are to be rented because we do not yet know how Long it will last (Quite scary).

    1. Omicron says:

      Thankfully, with the 41kWh variant Renault introduced the option to buy the battery instead of leasing it. I mean, you could do that with the old models too in a select few countries, but with the Z.E. 40 you supposedly can do it everywhere. The battery is priced at €8,000 – which is not too bad a deal. Less than €200 per kWh, including taxes – that’s among the best values on he market today. And in fact, if you plan to own the vehicle for more than five and a half years, it’s cheaper than the leasing rate, too.

  4. Seuthès says:

    As I know, the reservation of the Zoé 40 don’t slow down in France.
    And in Germany the Zoé was the most sales BEV in February.
    I think the Zoé 40 has something to do with it.
    Even in Germany VW didn’t do well with BEV. They have to have a new plan for BEV in the near futur.
    Renault is doing well in Europe, because the other are far away from the masse market.

  5. ffbj says:

    How long before the sport comes out?

  6. Steve brown says:

    Please Australia with it’s staggering solar energy needs the Zoe….where ate you Renault??

  7. Seuthès says:

    The 23th March 2017 France have reach 100.000 BEV registration. It’s the first European country to reach the mark.
    I was so sure that the first country would be Norway, but from Avere-France it’s France apparently.
    Renault have done the most of it.

    1. Thomas says:

      Norway’s not in EU though

      1. Seuthès says:

        I understand you, but they say Europe as the continent, not Europe as Europe Union.

    2. bogdan says:

      France has 13 times more population than Norway.

  8. TOni says:

    Only if the ZOE had DC charging….